19 Celebrity #TBT Photos That Celebs Shared With Us This Week

    A very young Ariana Grande in the early '00s kicks off this week's #ThrowbackThursday!

    1. Ariana Grande shared this cute photo of herself from the early '00s:

    2. Naomi Campbell remembered Whitney Houston on what would've been her 56th birthday by posting this photo of the two of them in the early '00s:

    3. Tan France shared this photo of himself from 2006, where he had more questionable style:

    4. Justin Bieber posted this photo of himself in elementary school in the early '00s:

    5. Eva Mendes shared this photo of herself and her sisters in the late '80s:

    6. Salma Hayek posted this video Cole Sprouse sent her daughter, Valentina, during this year's San Diego Comic-Con:

    7. Celebrity photographer Terry O'Neill shared this photo he took of Sharon Tate in the late '60s:

    8. Dolly Parton posted this photo of herself and Carol Burnett rehearsing for their 1979 TV special, Dolly and Carol in Nashville:

    9. Troye Sivan shared this photo taken on the set of his music video for "Bloom":

    10. Michelle Pfeiffer posted this photo of herself from the late '80s:

    11. Kylie Minogue shared this photo taken during her KylieFever2002 tour:

    12. Idris Elba posted this video clip from when he DJ'd in Ibiza last year:

    13. Rob Lowe shared this photo of himself from the '70s:

    14. Natalie Portman posted this photo of herself from the late '90s:

    15. Mariah Carey was in a summer mood and shared these stunning photos of herself at the beach in 1997:

    16. Kyle MacLachlan remembered his role as Cliff Vandercave in 1994's The Flintstones:

    Nothing says ‘villain-with-style’ more than a suede double-breasted wrap by Karl Lagerfieldstone #TheFlintstones #TBT

    17. Sofía Vergara shared this hot pic of herself from the '90s:

    18. Paris Hilton posted this video clip of herself and her sister Nicky hitting up a club in 2000:

    Back when we were teens hitting up the clubs with our fake ID's. ⚡️👯‍♀️⚡️ #TBT

    19. And finally, Christina Aguilera reflected on the 20th anniversary of her self-tiled debut album by sharing the cover for it, and announcing it would be re-released with special editions: