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    The "It Chapter Two" Experience Opened In Hollywood And We Checked It Out So You Don't Have To

    The Derry Canal Days Festival and Funhouse is open!

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    Hi! We're Javi and Crystal and we LOVE It. So when we heard there was an It Chapter Two Experience coming to Hollywood, we decided to take one for the team and check it out.

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    The main draw of this new experience — called the "Derry Canal Days Festival and Funhouse" — is, of course, the It Chapter Two funhouse itself.


    It's full of moments from the upcoming movie — although, we won't specifically tell you what because *SPOILERS* — so, you'll be getting a kind of ~preview~ of It Chapter Two in the flesh!

    But there are also some fun carnival games you can play in the courtyard like a classic water gun game, a down-a-clown game, and ring toss.


    You can't win any prizes at the games, but they're free and are all Pennywise-themed.

    And there's a cool Pennywise ferris wheel, too!


    You can't actually ride it...but, obviously, it makes for a cool Instagram post.

    Here's what we thought entering the funhouse:


    Crystal: "I looooove It, but I DON'T love the idea of coming face to face with Pennywise, so the thought of him creeping around a mirrored hallway is...upsetting. Also, this clown face entrance is SUPER creepy and very intimidating?!"

    Javi: “I was apprehensive before going in the maze. The first It made a whole generation afraid of clowns, myself included. I loathe the fact that I might get up close and personal with one.”

    The first room wasn't too scary, although it definitely did a good job of setting a creepy vibe for the rest of the maze.


    Do you see the creepy person in the distance???

    We battled our way through the swinging clowns and ended up in a hall of mirrors, which was disorienting and also gave us our first glimpse of Pennywise!


    Also be on the look out for a little Georgie moseying about.

    Next up was a room with a very unsettling clown print allover...and people hidden in the print.


    Full disclosure...we definitely jumped here!

    After getting clowned-out we were brought into a few different rooms (yes, there are SEVERAL rooms) that had scenes straight out of the new movie.


    You probably recognize that photo of a human-form Pennywise from the trailer!

    After a few more scares, we then traveled down into the sewers of Derry because OF COURSE we did.

    And, fair warning, you may or may not bump into Georgie again down here.

    And this is when some supernatural Pennywise shit really started to go down.


    It's hard to explain, but let's just say Pennywise's iconic red balloons are involved.

    Now, if you're claustrophobic, you'll probably hate this next part...because we had to squeeze our way through some of Pennywise's GIANT red balloons.


    It was weirdly kinda fun though???

    Finally, we don't want to spoil the end of the maze, but let's just say it's ~electrifying~ and also contains this cool Easter egg:



    And how'd we feel after surviving?


    Crystal: "I definitely jumped more than a few times in the funhouse. I love scary mazes, but I'm also a coward and will try to find a "safe spot" in every room. Will It fans be pleased with the experience? Yup."

    Javi: “As a fan of the movie and book I liked this. What caught me off guard is that every single room had some kind of hidden ghoul. My pulse raced throughout the ‘fun’ house.”

    If you want to check out the It Chapter Two Experience yourself, here's what you need to know:

    —The pop-up experience is located in Los Angeles (at Hollywood and Vine) and is open everyday from 2 p.m. to 11 p.m. from Aug. 15 to Sept. 8.

    —Your visit will last about 40 minutes (that includes time hanging out in the courtyard with the carnival games and also time inside the funhouse), and you'll be admitted in time slots.

    —It's totally free and there is a walk-up line for people who don't have reserved times (reservations for the pop-up sold out in like 30 minutes FYI!).

    —The experience is 18+.

    —And you can find out more details from their FAQ section.

    It Chapter Two floats into theaters Sept. 6!

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