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    This Video Of Elizabeth Warren Running Has Become A Meme, And It's Hilariously Relatable

    "Me running for the bathroom when the movie is over."

    You know Elizabeth Warren, the Massachusetts senator (and meme queen) who's running for president in 2020.

    Joseph Prezioso / AFP / Getty Images

    And I do mean running — because at a campaign stop in New Hampshire on Wednesday, she did exactly that.

    Elise Amendola / AP

    CNN reporter MJ Lee tweeted footage of the candidate running through a field at Toad Hill Farm, where she was holding a town hall — and because it's 2019 and this is what we do, the video immediately became a hilarious meme on Twitter.

    Elizabeth Warren running in Franconia, NH

    Here are some of the best ones:


    Me coming back to the party after blacking out and disappearing for 3 hours


    Me leaving a party in my mid-twenties at 9pm


    me on my way to hang out with a guy despite 101 red flags


    me showing up 2 hours late to the family cookout that i’m gonna leave in 10 minutes


    me running into the mountains never to be seen again after accidentally texting a screenshot of a text convo to the person I’m talking shit about


    me running for the bathroom when the movie is over


    Kyle Richards after Lisa Rinna threw that wine glass in Amsterdam



    “You can’t keep running from your problems.” Me:


    my organs when i drink water instead of wine and cold brew:


    @yashar Me, after my last kid leaves for college:


    My friends celebrating after I finally get over a guy


    me when I get to a party or function and running straight to the food table


    Me after two bags of chips fell out of the vending machine...


    my mom dropping me off on my first day of kindergarten

    And finally, all of us, leaving school or work on a Friday ready to get the weekend started:

    MJ Lee / Via Twitter: @mj_lee