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August 14, 2019

This "Teen Girl" Went Viral For Tweeting From Her Fridge, But It's Almost Definitely A Fake

Did you know it's surprisingly easy to pretend to tweet from basically any source?

Elizabeth Warren Took On Obama Over Student Debt Forgiveness. How She Won Is Central To Her 2020 Campaign

“Her theory of change is that you focus on one or two levers, and you push them hard.”

A Huge Banking Scoop Was Almost Never Published After Police Raids Freaked Out The Whistleblower

Award-winning journalist Adele Ferguson says the controversial raids have made it harder to do investigative reporting.

Let's Find Out How Well You Remember "That's So Raven"

I just had a vision. You're going to ace this quiz!

I Can't Stop Laughing At These YouTube Comments Pretending Ariana Grande Was A Pop Star In The '80s

Feels like it was just yesterday that she had the 1984 song of the summer.

Six Police Officers Were Shot By A Gunman During An Hours-Long Standoff In Philadelphia

“It was like a war, like a scene that you see in war,” a witness said.

We Dressed Like VSCO Girls For A Day Even Though We're Not Young Teens

"Smack me in the face with your Fjällräven!"

This Quiz Will Magically Reveal Which School Book From "Harry Potter" You Are

So many books, so little time. Unless you have a Time-Turner, that is.

The Husband Of An El Paso Victim Got An Overwhelming Response After Inviting "Everyone" To Attend His Wife's Funeral

"She was my world," Antonio Basco said. Learning that so many people want to come and honor her, he added, "makes me feel wonderful."

Smash And Dash This Copyediting Quiz

Hyphens and en dashes and em dashes, oh my!

Donos de canais LGBTI+ estão processando o YouTube por discriminação

O escritório de advocacia que representa o grupo tem outra ação contra o YouTube em que acusa a plataforma de discriminar injustamente criadores de conteúdo de direita.

19 Things That Are Weirdly True If You Have Siblings

"Only the powerful or the fast get to take hot showers."



How 8 Indigenous Women Are Reclaiming The Beauty Industry

"Making connections to help the different communities of color is where we all seem to find a common passion -- besides makeup."



iFunny Has Become A Hub For White Nationalism

The Russian-owned image-sharing application is extremely popular with teen boys. It’s also full of far-right propaganda.

Madama Brona faz previsões pro mundo pop

Namoro da Selena Gomez com o Fau? Carreira de Rihanna esquecida no churras? CORRE AQUI PRA SABER!

23 Surprisingly Luxurious Beauty Products You Can Get At Walmart

Only the best of the best for the best. ;)

Racist Iowa Rep. Steve King Asked If There'd "Be Any Population Left" Without Rape And Incest

Democratic presidential hopefuls have called on King to resign for Wednesday's comment.

22 Dresses With Pockets You Can Get At Walmart

You'll have one hand in your pocket and the other buying more dresses.

A Yogi Influencer Is Trying To Backtrack And Clarify Her “Weekly Giveaways” After Upset Fans Noticed They Were Not, In Fact, Weekly

After confused fans asked why her “weekly giveaway” didn’t happen this past week, Jessica Olie told BuzzFeed News she had only planned to do “multiple giveaways.”

LGBTQ Creators Are Suing YouTube For Discrimination

The creators — who are all queer or trans and make LGBTQ content — say the platform is unfairly targeting their content for demonetization and restriction.

The "Last Christmas" Trailer Is Here And I Have So Many Questions

"Last Christmas I gave you my heart..." That's it. That's the movie.

Your Choice In Cats Determines Your Best Quality

This is the hardest quiz you will ever take.

Bake Some Brownies And We'll Reveal A Deep Truth About You

Are you gonna do it the easy way or the hard way?

Humans Have Always Been Listening To Your Voice Recordings. Why Don’t Tech Companies Just Tell Us That?

Recent revelations could finally force tech giants to explain how they use our data.

BuzzFeed México tiene nuevo canal en TikTok y está perrísimo

Desde imitaciones, hasta fails y #challenges asquerosos. No hay falla.

As pessoas estão questionando se o “problema” do namoro da Mel Maia é mesmo os dois anos de diferença de idade

Os dois foram vistos juntos pela primeira vez durante a gravação do DVD do Nego do Borel.

A Woman Is Suing Ghislaine Maxwell And Jeffrey Epstein's Former Employees For Allegedly Enabling His Sexual Abuse

Jennifer Araoz, who also filed the lawsuit against Epstein's estate, alleged the disgraced financier raped her when she was 15 years old.

Michael Bennet Joked His New York Times Editor Brother Was “Unenthusiastic” About His Presidential Bid

“I don’t think that he’s secretly hoping that I’ll drop out, but you never know,” he said.

Are These Classic Wedding Traditions Still Necessary?

One woman's perfect day is another woman's sexist pageant from hell.

27 Products To Help Turn A Frown Upside Down

(╯°□°)╯︵ 🙃

We Know If You're A Better Match For Zayn Malik Or Shawn Mendes

Zayn is mine... but I'll still let you take this quiz.

Com qual personagem de "The O.C." você namoraria?

Independente do resultado, as suas tardes sempre vão terminar com o pôr do sol da Califórnia e uma trilha sonora incrível! 💖

Facebook Is Getting Rid Of The Option To Make Groups "Secret" Or "Closed"

Instead, users will have two options: public or private.

When Their Book Deal Blew Up After Sexual Misconduct Allegations, Glenn Thrush Kept His Advance. Maggie Haberman Had To Pay Hers Back.

Haberman paid the price after a series of events that began with sexual misconduct allegations against her male coauthor.

Everyone Thought Harry Styles Was Gonna Play Prince Eric, And Now Twitter Is Feeling Swindled

"OMW to convince Timothée Chalamet to play Prince Eric since Harry Styles turned it down."

This Woman Had A Stillbirth And Is On Trial For It — Again

Evelyn Hernández was convicted of aggravated murder after a stillbirth, but was released after serving 33 months. This week, she is going back to court for the same alleged crime.

Kardashian BFFs Are Here Today And Gone Tomorrow

From Kylie Jenner to Jordyn Woods — and now Stassie Edwards — the Kardashians have always been good at monetizing friendships between women.

Do You Ship Or Sink These Iconic TV Couples?

Play along with the Four Weddings and a Funeral cast!

Like Or Pass On These Food Duos And We'll Tell You If You're More British Or American

Your passport might say American, but does your heart say British?

Trump’s Latest Proposal Would Let Businesses Discriminate Based On LGBTQ Status, Race, Religion, And More

The rule, which applies to many federal contractors, is Trump’s latest move to let religious people sidestep civil rights policies.

18 Jokes About Watching Medical Dramas That Are So Accurate

"If you show up to a hospital sick but happy/funny, you'll die."

A polícia vai investigar a youtuber que se filmou agredindo seu cachorro em vídeo de "pegadinha"

"Em meu coração, eu sei que sou uma boa mãe de cachorro", ela escreveu, em resposta aos críticos. (AVISO: o vídeo tem cenas fortes.)

Existen cinco tipos de orgasmo en el mundo, ¿cuál es el tuyo?

Porque en gustos se rompen géneros... y en orgasmos.

Ocho de estos chicos te van a ghostear, ¿puedes elegir al único que sí te va a contestar?

Confía en tu intuición o más bien todo lo contrario...

19 Fotos que te van a dar muchísima paz mental

Prepárate para sentirte zen.

Atáscate de comida hipster y te diremos lo que te hace una buena persona

¡Cronuts! ¡Pan tostado con aguacate! ¡Lattes con forma de unicornio!

All The Best Deals At Walmart Right Now

Deals on guitars, Apple Watches, bikes, and more!

18 People Share The Things That Made Them Cool In School That Would Make Them Uncool As Adults, And They're Not Wrong

"Bragging about sex. Did it as an adult, and my dad threw the family cat at me."

30 Tech Accessories To Help You Get Through The School Year

If I were a teacher I'd give all of these products an A+.

A$AP Rocky Has Been Found Guilty Of Swedish Brawl But He Won't Be Going To Prison Again

He has been ordered to pay damages to 19-year-old Mustafa Jafari.

29 Horrorgeschichten von Hochzeiten, die's echt in sich haben

„Der nackte Trauzeuge ist auf den Tisch geklettert und hat getanzt, während ihm die Großmutter der Braut den Hintern versohlt hat.“

Chrissy Teigen Revealed On Instagram She Got Botox On Her Armpits To Stop Sweating

Apparently, Botox is sometimes used to treat hyperhidrosis (aka excessive sweating).



We Want To Know What Lessons Your Biggest Failure Taught You

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

John Frieda's $7 Lightening Spray For Blonder Hair Is Cheap, But Has Impressive Results

This John Frieda spray means two things: blonder hair and a fuller wallet.

鎌倉・江ノ島の観光ならここ 定番スポット「新江ノ島水族館」の見どころ


浅草グルメならここ! スカイツリーと隅田川の夜景を臨むイタリアン。


22 Funny Tweets From British Women That Will Make You Snort With Laughter

"My period tracker apps the same colour as the trainline one. Just showed a bemused inspector that I’m ovulating."





Incoming: Hot Girl Summer, Christian Girl Autumn, Goth Girl Winter, VSCO Girl Spring

A teen with 25 guns and 10,000 rounds of ammo was arrested, Jeffrey Epstein's death was on 4chan before it was announced, and the story of the "Christian Girl Autumn" meme. This is your morning update for Aug. 14.

Forever 21 Is Offering 21% Off Their Entire Site

"21% off everything, you say?" Pinch me, I must be dreaming.

21 Beauty Products You Can Get At Walmart That You’ll End Up Using Over And Over Again

Whoever said you can't wear the same blush over and over again lacked imagination.

A Woman Tweeted A Picture Of A Man Who Had Shown Her Kindness As A Child Refugee. Within 36 Hours They Were Reunited.

Mevan Babakar said reuniting with the aid worker after 25 years was like being "transported back in time. I felt safe, like I'd seen a family member I hadn't seen in a long time."

鎌倉の観光スポットまとめ 7選


Bella Thorne Was Meant To Direct A Christmas Movie But Ended Up Directing A Porn Movie Instead

Bella has joined forces with Pornhub for her directorial debut, Her & Him.







「君の名は。」そして京アニの聖地、下呂温泉も! 岐阜を駆け巡り、最高な観光スポット7大エリアへ




日本最古の超レトロホテル、知ってますか? アインシュタインも泊まった「日光金谷ホテル」




東京にこんな場所があったなんて… 大人の観光にぴったりな穴場スポット・ホテル5選


Heute sind bei der Bachelorette endlich ein paar Leute gegangen und langsam sehe ich durch!

„Ich bin um 9 Uhr bei ihr rein erst – also ins Haus.“






池袋サンシャインシティの中華料理店「JOE’S SHANGHAI(ジョーズシャンハイ)」で素晴らしい体験をしました。2980円で眺望も食事も大満足。




アメリカでも最上級のカロリーを誇るB級グルメシカゴピザ。日本で初めて石窯焼きのシカゴピザを提供した六本木のTHE GRILL REPUBLIC CHICAGO PIZZA & BEERに行ってきました。

名古屋人おすすめ! 本当に楽しめる名古屋の観光スポット5選




31 Thoughts I, An Idiot American, Had While Watching German "Bachelorette"

I don't speak any German, and have never seen an episode of the Bachelorette, but I'm pretty sure I got the gist of the entire episode.









【厳選】仙台のおすすめ観光スポット 5選

仙台と言えば「杜の都」、叙情溢れるしっとりした街だと思っていませんか? 実は熱い心を持った人が色々凄いものを作っている街でもあるんです。おすすめスポットを紹介します。





熱海に行くならここはマスト!おすすめの観光スポット 6選

BuzzFeed Japan編集部が、熱海の観光スポットを厳選しました。熱海旅行に行く際はぜひ参考にしてみてください。







Every Taylor Swift Pop Song, Ranked From Truly Amazing To Absolutely Genius

A little song pop prep before Lover is released!


浅草ランチ、もんじゃもいいけど贅沢気分が味わえるイタリアンもおすすめです。「Ciccio tamaya(チッチョ タマヤ)」ならお手頃な値段でとっても美味しいコースランチが味わえますよ。前菜がとにかく豪華だし、デザートも本当に絶品。店内も落ち着いて雰囲気で、リラックスして料理が楽しめます。






リーズナブルに美味しいお寿司が楽しみたいなら銀座の「金のダイニング 鮪金」がとてもオススメ。ディナーだと6000円以上はするコースを、ランチなら2500円で味わえるんです。トロたくにウニ、そしてイクラが入った名物の「ミニ鮪金ロール」も食べられてこの値段は本当にお得。ぜひ行ってみてくださいね。





「目には目を」香港空港を埋め尽くすデモ隊 写真から伝わる緊張感


Where Do You Stand On These Controversial "Friends" Opinions?

Whatever you choose, just know that "I'll Be There For You"

Which Highly-Rated TV Shows Are Actually Pretty Bad?

TBH, Friends isn't that amazing.

37 Products We Feature So Often, You're Probably Ready To Tell Us To Shut Up

We're dropping (not so subtle) hints that you need to buy these things already.

21 Cosy Cafes In Perth To Visit When It's Way Too Cold Outside

Crawl out from under your blankets because we’ve got the cure for winter blues!

13 Airbnbs From TV Shows And Movies That You Can Actually Book

From Tony Stark's cabin to ~the windmill~ from The Bachelorette, here are all the places you can sleep in that were inspired by movies or TV.


雷門、仲見世、花やしき、浅草演芸ホールにホッピー通り…。見どころいっぱいの浅草ですが、もし「誕生日」や「記念日」のランチを考えているなら、浅草ビューホテル27階の「THE DINING シノワ 唐紅花&鉄板フレンチ 蒔絵」がオススメですよ!

22 Movies That'll Have You Laughing From The Very Beginning To The Very End

"I'm glad he's single 'cause I'm gonna climb that like a tree."

18 Parent Reactions To Their Kids' Tattoos

Featuring a bunch of angry dads.

Buy Six Super Expensive Things And We'll Reveal How Much Money You'll Have In The Future

Money can't buy happiness, but it can buy a $400 T-shirt.

19 Celebrities You Didn't Know Were Obsessed With Dungeons & Dragons

Joe Manganiello kind of has his own dungeon.

39 Useful Products For Dorm Living That Are Worth The Money

Make the transition into college a slightly smoother one. I promise it's possible.

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