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17 Things The Internet Couldn't Stop Talking About This Week

Drunk Taylor Swift, shady Miley Cyrus comments, a beautiful mango pit, and more.

1. Caitlyn Jenner tried to wish her daughter Kylie a happy birthday — but accidentally posted photos of Kendall instead. Whoops!


2. Sarah Hyland let her kidney bump show at the Teen Choice Awards, and wrote a powerful message about it on Instagram.

3. Kid Rock was a disgusting, sexist monster who tried to use Taylor Swift's name to make himself relevant again.

Taylor Swift wants to be a democrat because she wants to be in movies….period. And it looks like she will suck the door knob off Hollyweird to get there. Oldest move in the book. Good luck girl. -Kid Rock

4. Gigi Hadid was robbed in Greece, and her Instagram post about it created quite a controversy.

5. Miley Cyrus and Brody Jenner swapped some possibly passive aggressive comments on Instagram after she was photographed kissing his ex-wife, Kaitlynn Carter.


6. "Drunk Taylor Swift" became a big meme after Taylor was snapped being delightfully sloppy at a party.

I really feel like drunk Taylor compliments all the other girls in the bathroom

7. Drake got a tattoo of himself walking in front of the Beatles to celebrate beating their record for most songs simultaneously in the Billboard Hot 100 top 10.

8. Danielle Fishel from Boy Meets World explained why she refuses to show her baby's face on Instagram.

9. Leonardo DiCaprio rode a "sea scooter" and the paparazzi images of it were hilarious.


10. The Last Christmas trailer dropped, and people are already formulating their conspiracy theories about it.

.@emiliaclarke and @henrygolding star in #LastChristmasMovie. 🎄❤️✨ Watch the new trailer now.

11. Rob Lowe posted a very sweaty selfie, and all hell broke loose in the comments.

12. Emily Ratajkowski posted a glamour shot with her armpit hair showing, and because the internet is the internet, it caused a whole stir.

13. Miley Cyrus dropped a new song called "Slide Away," and many fans think it's about her recent separation from Liam Hemsworth.

View this video on YouTube

14. A woman on Twitter noticed that her mango pit was particularly hairy, so she gave it the full spa treatment to hilarious results.

I was eating a mango and the pit was so hairy So I gave it a haircut, shampooed and conditioned it, and blow dried it

15. Kylie Jenner spent her 22nd birthday on a very, very fancy vacation, and the pictures will make you feel poor AF.

16. Four Loko announced a hard seltzer with a 14% ABV (that's a lot!!!) and naturally Twitter had jokes.

Me buying and drinking the four loko seltzer’s simply because they’re 14% alcohol

17. And finally, 1D fans everywhere were heartbroken when it was officially announced that Harry Styles turned down the role of Prince Eric in the live-action Little Mermaid movie.

who the Fuck lied about harry styles being prince eric i just told every bitch i know about it. i am HUMILIATED

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