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    Here's What The 17 Celebs In Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" Music Video Looked Like Then Vs. Now In Honor Of Her "1989" Re-Recording

    1989 (Taylor's Version) is officially on its way, so can you name all 17 celebs who appeared alongside Taylor Swift in the iconic "Bad Blood" music video?

    It might be 2023, but it is the year of 1989 . Back in August, Taylor Swift announced that her fifth album, 1989, would be her latest "Taylor's Version" re-release. The new version of the record, which was originally released in 2014, dropped on Oct. 27.

    Taylor Swift onstage

    The album was pivotal in Taylor's career as it cemented her transition from country performer to pop star. This was also Taylor's "girl squad" era, a time when she was routinely seen surrounded by other female celebs.

    Taylor and a bunch of other celebs on the red carpet

    The "girl squad" motif was most notable in the music video for Taylor's "Bad Blood" remix, featuring Kendrick Lamar. The music video dropped in 2015, and it included everyone from Zendaya and Lena Dunham to Cindy Crawford and Jessica Alba as an army of women with signature nicknames.

    Screenshot from the "Bad Blood" video

    In total, 17 celebs, including Kendrick, appeared alongside Taylor in the video which chronicled a friends-to-foes plot with Selena Gomez playing the frenemy. Here's Taylor as her character Catastrophe:

    Taylor as "Catastrophe"

    So, in honor of the arrival of 1989 (Taylor's Version) announcement and our collective reignited obsession with "Bad Blood," here's what the music video's stars looked like then vs. how they look now.

    Side-by-side of Taylor then vs. now

    1. Selena Gomez aka Arsyn


    Here's Selena then vs. now:

    Selena then vs. now

    2. Kendrick Lamar aka Welvin Da Great

    Welvin Da Great

    Here's Kendrick then vs. now:

    Kendrick then vs. now

    3. Lena Dunham aka Lucky Fiori

    Lucky Fiori

    Here's Lena then vs. now:

    Lena then vs. now

    4. Hailee Steinfeld aka The Trinity

    The Trinity

    Here's Hailee then vs. now:

    Hailee then vs. now

    5. Serayah McNeill aka Dilemma


    Serayah then vs. now:

    Serayah then vs. now

    6. Gigi Hadid aka Slay-Z


    Here's Gigi then vs. now:

    Gigi then vs. now

    7. Ellie Goulding aka Destructa X

    Destructa X

    Here's Ellie then vs. now:

    Ellie Goulding then vs. now

    8. Martha Hunt aka Homeslice


    Here's Martha then vs. now:

    Martha then vs. now

    9. Cara Delevingne aka Mother Chucker

    Mother Chucker

    Here's Cara then vs. now:

    Cara then vs. now

    10. Zendaya aka Cut-Throat


    Here's Zendaya then vs. now:

    Zendaya then vs. now

    11. Hayley Williams aka The Crimson Curse

    The Crimson Curse

    Here's Hayley then vs. now:

    Hayley then vs. now

    12. Lily Aldridge aka Frostbyte


    Here's Lily then vs. now:

    Lily then vs. now

    13. Karlie Kloss aka Knockout


    Here's Karlie then vs. now:

    Karlie then vs. now

    14. Jessica Alba aka Domino


    Here's Jessica then vs. now:

    Jessica then vs. now

    15. Mariska Hargitay aka Justice

    Justice and Luna

    Here's Mariska then vs. now:

    Mariska then vs. now

    16. Ellen Pompeo aka Luna

    Justice and Luna

    Here's Ellen then vs. now:

    Ellen then vs. now

    17. Cindy Crawford aka Headmistress


    Here's Cindy then vs. now:

    Cindy then vs. now

    It's anyone's guess if Taylor will release a "Bad Blood (Taylor's Version)" music video with an updated cast. But if she were to, who would you want to see in it? Let us know in the comments below!