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    This Canadian Town Is A Magnet For A-Listers On Vacation— Here Are 8 Celebs That Were Spotted There This Summer

    And just wait until you see their cottages…

    The long weekend is upon us Canadians, which means we're all hitting up all our FWCs (Friends with Cottages, duh) trying to snag an invite up to Muskoka, Ontario. And turns out, celebrities are just as obsessed with Canadian cottage country as we are!

    For the record, I have approximately ZERO friends with a cottage, so I'm open to invites.

    Here are 8 A-Listers who've been spotted hanging out in Muskoka this summer:

    1. Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber

    2. Shaquille O'Neal

    Group of 4 people smiling

    3. Posh Spice & David Beckham

    4. Austin Butler

    5. Lisa Rinna

    6. Amelia Grey & Delilah Belle Hamlin

    7. Mark Wahlberg

    8. Simu Liu

    9. Honorable Throwback Mention: Harry Styles

    Moral of the story, everyone is obsessed with hanging out in Muskoka, and being friends with Cindy Crawford.

    Have you ever run into a celeb on vacation? Let us know in the comments! And while you're at it — follow BuzzFeed Canada on Tiktok and Instagram to see more of Lisa Rinna's Muskoka routine!


    Lisa Rinna is a Muskoka veteran so you know we had to get the lowdown on what her perfect day in cottage country looks like as a makeup mogul (👀 @Rinna Beauty). Isabella also might have invited herself up, but we don’t think Lisa really seems that game. Isabella is a real good time, trust us Lisa! #lisarinna #lisarinnameme #lisarinnavibes #lisarinnamandmedit #rhobh #rinnabeauty #muskoka #muskokaontario #muskokalife

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