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    Everyone Thought Harry Styles Was Gonna Play Prince Eric, And Now Twitter Is Feeling Swindled

    "OMW to convince Timothée Chalamet to play Prince Eric since Harry Styles turned it down."

    So recently, rumors started swirling about Harry Styles getting cast as Prince Eric in Disney's live-action remake of The Little Mermaid.

    For a second, it seemed like every Harry stan's wildest dream was coming true — it looked like Harry was actually confirmed for the role!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    And Twitter got, REEEEEALLY excited:

    harry styles playing prince eric, both my childhood crushes, my two worlds colliding... it’s too much for me to process rn

    Me at my audition to be one of Ariel's sisters so I can see Harry Styles as Prince Eric

    But then the story *quickly* devolved — Harry actually "respectfully declined" the role. :///

    And again, Twitter had lots and lots and LOTS of thoughts:


    who the Fuck lied about harry styles being prince eric i just told every bitch i know about it. i am HUMILIATED


    Everyone after finding out Harry Styles turned down the role of prince Eric


    It has come to my attention that Harry Styles has declined the role. Once again a man leaves me


    we went from “Harry Styles is confirmed to be playing Prince Eric in Disney’s The Little Mermaid!” to “Harry Styles is not confirmed to be playing prince eric... Yet.” to “Harry styles has turned down the role of Prince Eric.”


    i just told all my friends and family that harry was gonna be prince eric and do you know what i looked like backtracking? A FOOL. i looked like a damn fool!


    Harry styles after got all that promo because of a movie he's not even in


    me omw to convince timothée chalamet to play prince eric since harry styles turned it down


    Harry styles being offered the role of prince eric


    “Harry styles respectfully declined the role of prince Eric” bye that’s enough twittering today


    harry when he got the call about playing prince eric but turned it down


    “Harry is confirmed to play Prince Eric” “Harry turned down the role”


    all of twitter after finding out harry styles refused the offer to play prince eric in disney’s live action of the little mermaid


    harry watching harries after declining the role of prince eric


    the actor playing prince eric arriving on set

    Who do you think should play Prince Eric instead of Harry? Let us know in the comments!!!!!!!!!!!