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    21 Reasons Why Mostar Is The Coolest City You’ve Never Heard Of

    It's seriously underrated.

    Mostar, a small city in the south of Bosnia-Herzegovina, absolutely needs to be on everyone's bucket list.

    1. First of all, it's a beautiful place with a cobblestoned old town, a city filled with character, and so much history it'll blow your mind.

    2. The most recognizable part of Mostar is the Old Bridge, which you've surely seen photos of floating around the internet.

    3. On sunny days you can camp out on the river banks and watch some extremely brave souls jump off the bridge into the freezing water below.

    4. The coffee is good.

    5. And the fresh produce is even better.

    6. As far as cities go, it's incredibly cheap.

    7. In fact, it's usually cheaper to eat out at a restaurant than to buy ingredients at the supermarket.

    8. Plus, Bosnian food is absolutely delicious.

    9. Everywhere you look around the city you'll see reminders of the Bosnian War that took place in the mid-'90s.

    10. Hollowed out buildings still stand next to modern ones that have been rebuilt. It's confronting, but also a pretty amazing thing to see.

    11. You can even climb up into some of the buildings to get amazing views over the city.

    12. Hikers will be in paradise, as the city is surrounded by mountains and trails that lead to centuries-old buildings.

    13. Or head out to Blagaj where there's a centuries-old fortress sitting atop a hill, just waiting to be explored.

    14. Or you could visit the nearby walled village of Počitelj.

    15. There's plenty of nature nearby if you're keen for a day trip out of the city.

    16. Don't leave without trying rakia — a homemade spirit you'll find all over Bosnia-Herzegovina and the Balkans.

    17. Speaking of local specialties, add burek to your list as well.

    18. You can marvel at the city's statue of Bruce Lee.

    19. The weather's good year-round.

    20. And there are cats everywhere.

    21. Then, once you're ready to move on, a beautiful train journey awaits you.