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August 10, 2019

This Tiny Aboriginal Town Is Fighting A "Huge Toxic Time Bomb"

A big mistake means Glencore's McArthur River Mine will need 1,000 years of monitoring once digging stops. The government is about to decide if it can keep mining.

Everyone's A Mix Between A Disney Princess And A Disney Villain — Which One Are You?

Can you paint with all the colors of the wind, you poor unfortunate soul?

Lady Gaga's Powerful Message To Survivors Of The Recent Mass Shootings Has Me Teary-Eyed

"If you’re struggling, please be brave and tell a trusted someone."

29 Times Tumblr Perfectly Understood How Fun Yet Terrible Summer Is

"Due to the lack of cicadas so far this summer, I will climb the trees and scream in their absence."

The Kardashians Shared A Ton Of Throwback Pics For Kylie Jenner's Birthday

"Everyday I watch you grow more into this amazing superhuman."

Plan Your Sweet 16 And We'll Reveal What Age You'll Find Your Soulmate

Here's a chance to plan your perfect party and find love.

Eat A Bunch Of Food And We'll Tell You What You Should Buy At The Grocery Store

Answer questions about food to find out what you should eat right now!

13 Really Bad Fails From This Week

Featuring falls, accidental texts, and Grindr fails.

22 Movie Trailers So Amazing, They're Basically Short Films In Themselves

If trailers are the foreplay of filmmaking, then these are some great lovers.

9 Photo Stories That Will Challenge Your View Of The World

Here are some of the most interesting and powerful photo stories from across the internet.

A Shooting At A Norway Mosque That Injured One Is Being Investigated As Terrorism

Police in Oslo say they've detained a young white man in his twenties.

Barrinha de cereal protéica caseira

Fácil e rápido de fazer!

24 People Who Realized Their Mistake Juuuuuust A Second Too Late

If you've ever fallen for "updog," this one's for you.

Universal Won't Release "The Hunt" Movie After Backlash From Trump And Fox News

The movie, starring Oscar-winner Hilary Swank, tells the story of a group of people from conservative states being hunted by wealthy liberals.

28 Affordable Self-Care Products For When You're Too Broke For A Spa Day

It's time to turn off that phone, fill up that tub, and pour that wine, sis!

Most People Can't Get A Perfect Score On This Disney Image Quiz — Can You?

Everything the light touches...isn't always so easy to see.

18 Tweets From This Week That Are Pee-Your-Pants Hysterical

"No one hypes you up more than a random guy on Snapchat that you have no interest in."

Epstein's Victims Still Want Justice Despite His Apparent Suicide In Jail

"Epstein is gone, but justice must still be served."

Only A True TV Nerd Can Guess The Odd One Out In This Celebrity Guest Star Quiz

BRB, catching up on my Brooklyn Nine-Nine knowledge.

25 Underrated Streaming Shows You Should Watch Immediately

Prepare for some major binge-watching!

25 Tweets From Women This Week That Made Me Chuckle

"The male equivalent of getting bangs is thinking about doing stand-up."

Your Breakfast Choices Will Determine What Your Dream Job Is

Rise and shine, it's time for breakfast!

15 Hysterical Mom Truths Of The Week That Will Make You Cackle

Bottom's up moms, it's been a long week!

スシローが肉屋を潰しにきてる…!期間限定の“肉寿司” クオリティがえぐかった


36 Products That'll Help You Organize All The Things You Don't Know How To Organize

Storage solutions for even false lashes that'll set your heart aflutter.

Disgraced Financier And Accused Sex Trafficker Jeffrey Epstein Killed Himself In Jail

Epstein was arrested last month and accused of running a sex trafficking operation in which he allegedly sexually abused dozens of underage girls, some as young as 14.

Elizabeth Warren Is Setting A Goal Of Reducing Gun Deaths By 80%

Warren’s new gun control plan, much of which overlaps with other candidates’ plans, would put pressure on gun manufacturers.

31 Helpful Things To Have Around When Life Gets Busy And Hectic

Because life is always hectic and busy!

自分だけじゃなかった… リアルだと話しづらい「セックスの悩み」


27 Small Bedroom Storage Ideas For Dorms, Apartments, And Tiny Homes

We've got you covered, whether you're dealing with a cramped dorm room, a teeny-tiny apartment, or you just want room for more cool stuff.

Tell Us Which Song Lyrics Get You Seriously All Choked Up

We've all cried over a song, haven't we?

29 Useful Products That Are Strangely Satisfying

You'll want to use these products over and over (and over) again.





32 Things Under $20 That'll Make A Big, Big Difference

We have enough problems — spending all our money doesn't have to be one of them.



"Are They Bluffing?" The Question On Everyone's Lips As Boris Johnson's Aides Threaten No-Deal And A November Election.

BuzzFeed News can reveal Downing Street has warned big business to get on board with its Brexit plans, as tensions mount between Number 10 and the Treasury over Johnson's election promises.



This Is How Dominic Cummings Sees The World — And What It Means For Brexit

The Number 10 adviser's blogs reveal the truth about his plans for the next few months...if you look closely enough.









An Elderly Couple Who Died In A Murder-Suicide Said They Could No Longer Afford Health Care

Several notes left by the couple cited the wife's severe ongoing medical problems, as well as concerns that they could not afford to pay for health care.

15 Photos That Prove Cat Beds Are Basically Pointless

Why sleep in a bed when you can sleep in a bowl?






ピアノのH ZETT M、アコースティックベースのH ZETT NIRE、ドラムのH ZETT KOUの3人で構成されるピアノトリオ・バンド、H ZETTRIO。リオ五輪閉会式で安倍首相が登場するシーンで流れた『Neo Japanesque』『Get Happy! (Beautiful Mix)』で話題をかっさらった。一部では、2015年に解散したPE'Zのメンバーたちで結成されたと言われており、その情報が正しければ、彼らのキャリアは20年ほどになる。



28 Popular Songs That Are Actually 100% Bad

"'Rolling in the Deep' should die by a fire."

Alright, "Harry Potter" Fans: Can You Make It Through These 17 Difficult Would You Rather Questions?

Would you rather ride a train car with Dolores Umbridge or Lucius Malfoy?


お笑いコンビ「カラテカ」の矢部太郎が、大ヒット漫画『大家さんと僕』シリーズの完結編『大家さんと僕 これから』を出した。闇営業問題で吉本興業から契約解消された、相方の入江慎也への思いとは。


お笑いコンビ「カラテカ」の矢部太郎が、大ヒット漫画『大家さんと僕』シリーズの完結編『大家さんと僕 これから』を出した。亡くなった大家さんから受け取ったもの。そして、矢部の「これから」を語った。

A Vegas Man Was Arrested For Plotting A White Supremacist Attack On An LGBTQ Bar And A Synagogue

Conor Climo told FBI agents he hated black people, Jewish people, and members of the LGBTQ community and was planning attacks that involved explosives or snipers.





38 Things For People Who Love Cheap Thrills

♫ No I ain't got cash, I ain't got cash, but I got you (and a slew of inexpensive and satisfying products) baby! ♫

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