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    18 Lies About High School, As Told By Movies And TV Shows About High School

    I'm sorry, but no one is that hot at 16.

    I don't know about you, but I absolutely love high school movies and TV shows.

    And always have! When I was younger, I watched these movies and TV shows religiously leading up to high school, anxiously awaiting the day I could finally live out my Cool Teen Life.™

    BUT, speaking as someone who's now been through high school and is what the youths might refer to as An Old™, I can confidently say there were plenty of inconsistencies between TV/movie high school and my actual life in high school.

    So without further ado, here's 18 lies about high school, as told by movies and TV shows about high school:

    1. Everyone looks like they're 24.

    2. And they're also painfully hot.

    3. Going to class isn't really a thing.

    4. And neither is homework.

    5. Everyone's bedrooms are huge.

    6. Love connections are always happening in gym class.

    7. High school parties are held in massive mansions with 600 people in attendance.

    8. Outfits are always super detailed and on point.

    9. Midriffs showing isn't an issue at all.

    10. Someone always spikes the punch at school dances.

    11. Field trips are always crazy extravagant.

    12. People go all-out decorating their lockers.

    13. There's a make out session at literally every turn.

    14. And they're always crazy steamy.

    15. Affairs between teachers and students are NBD.

    16. Nothing matters more than sports.

    17. Something dramatic always happens at graduation.

    18. And finally, everything gets perfectly resolved in the end.

    With all that said, I still live for movies and TV shows about high school, and probably always will. Even if they still tend to be a little off base.

    Were you led astray by any high school movies and TV shows? Let us know in the comments below!