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    27 Small Bedroom Storage Ideas For Dorms, Apartments, And Tiny Homes

    We've got you covered, whether you're dealing with a cramped dorm room, a teeny-tiny apartment, or you just want room for more cool stuff.

    1. Start by taking stock of all the crap in your room. Then, toss out the garbage, donate all the clothing you haven't worn in forever/isn't the right size (yes, it's time to get rid of that neon dress you bought for your middle school dance and haven't worn in 10 years), and make room for everything that remains.

    2. Clear clutter from your dresser with a hanging jewelry organizer. This frees up storage space for all the other stuff that needs a home in your room.

    3. Sort your socks and underwear with a drawer organizer that will force you to toss those random socks that no longer have matches. You may be surprised by how much free space you have now thanks to simply folding your clothes.

    4. Buy Command hooks in bulk, because you can literally use them for anything. When you're seemingly running out of space in your room, remember that Command strips can help you make use of all your empty wall space.

    5. Stow unused bedding under the mattress. Not only will this make more room in your linen closet, but it also prevents dust from settling on your bed sheets.

    6. Chuck your dirty clothes in an over-the-door laundry hamper instead of the oversized hamper (or IKEA bag) you've been using.

    7. Save yourself the frustration of grabbing a hanger only to have 10 more come with it. Instead, use this sleek hanger organizer. Not only will you be saving space by ditching the clunky storage bin, but you'll also be more likely to actually hang up your clothes instead of tossing them all on your "laundry chair."

    8. Shrink bulky jackets and sweaters with vacuum-sealed bags you can slide under your bed.

    9. Get crafty and build storage above your bedroom door. Depending on how much space you have between the door and ceiling, you could fit anything from towels to rain boots.

    10. Make your bed work double duty by adding a headboard with built-in storage. If your room is too small for nightstands, this addition will come in handy, providing space to store your favorite nighttime reads, a diffuser, a reading lamp, and even a small potted plant.

    11. Maximize the space under your bed with pull-out drawers. Here's where you can store extra linens and out-of-season clothing that would otherwise take up precious room in your closet.

    12. Or, opt for a bed that lifts up for storing all your random bits and bobs. This is especially useful for people with small rooms who push their beds against a wall and therefore can't access drawers on one side.

    13. Show off your Tetris-like arranging skills with a honeycomb drawer organizer that expands to fit any size drawer. Take full advantage of that awkward space between stacks of clothes in your drawers with this organizer.

    14. Go vertical and hang floating shelves to hold your plants (the ones you haven't killed yet), random knickknacks, books, awards, and your favorite photos. Install the triangular brackets in one of three orientations to suit your design style.

    15. Store extra sheets, towels, and clothes in a cushy ottoman that also doubles as a seat for guests — or that pile of laundry you swore you were going to put away last week.

    16. Ditch oversized drawers in favor of hanging closet organizers that will free up space in your room for storage units that are more suited for smaller spaces.

    17. Use stackable hangers to prevent running out of already limited closet space.

    18. Pack seasonal clothing, blankets, and unused bags in foldable storage cubes you can stack in the closet or slide under your bed.

    19. Build a pegboard wall to hold your shoes. This is useful for shoes that may be too bulky to fit in hanging organizers. However, this project requires a bit of elbow grease.

    20. Take advantage of every inch of storage space with an over-the-door hook organizer. Use it to hold your bags so you can quickly grab one before heading out the door, or hang your bras from the hooks to prevent a tangled mess in your underwear drawer.

    21. House your favorite makeup brushes and beauty products in a clear makeup organizer instead of all over your dresser or vanity. This way you'll never run around your room frantically searching for your favorite lipstick before work. Plus, the clutter-free space where your makeup once was will make your teeny-tiny room feel bigger.

    22. Hang your most-used flats, sneakers, sandals, and heels in an over-the-door shoe organizer. As long as there are open slots, you can carry on with your shoe-shopping bad habit.

    23. Utilize your wall space from top to bottom and side to side with a floating corner shelf.

    24. Choose a slim bookshelf option that won't take up a lot of space while still giving you somewhere to put your stuff — like this five-tier corner shelf.

    25. Double your closet space with a compact shoe organizer. This calls for celebration — and a new pair of shoes!

    26. Keep your stationery neat and tidy with a mesh desk organizer — or use it to store odds and ends that don't quite fit in anywhere else.

    27. Invest in a closet organizer system you can customize to your specific needs.

    You, actually enjoying your newly organized room:

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