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    15 Photos That Prove Cat Beds Are Basically Pointless

    Why sleep in a bed when you can sleep in a bowl?

    1. These two cats who found homes next door to each other:

    u/Froggy0140 / Via

    2. This cat who saw what they wanted and took it:

    u/threephase03 / Via

    3. And this cat who didn't have a care in the world:

    haysalpj / Via

    4. This literary cat:

    u/gyropyro / Via

    5. This cat that has an...interesting sleeping preference:

    u/HaloZwrath / Via

    6. This cat who tried to grow a new cat by planting themselves:

    u/Muffinshire / Via

    7. This cat who refused to abide by any rules:

    u/shane_il / Via

    8. This cat who found a way to get cuddled by the couch:

    "Bought my cat an 80$ bed, come home and find him asleep like this"

    9. This cat who knew they'd get more attention here than in some luxury bed:

    u/maddisonemily13 / Via

    10. This cat who chose an air fryer box so often that their owner caved and put a towel inside of it:

    u/meglove1 / Via

    11. This cat who took their owner's backpack hostage:

    u/QuiteClearlyBatman / Via

    12. This cat who just wanted a bed that made noise:

    u/mitmot2000 / Via

    13. This cat who knew cardboard is way more comfortable:

    So I splashed out and bought Dave the cat a lovely quilted and padded cat bed. I Came down this morning to find him wedged tightly into a cat food box πŸ“¦ right in front of it, what is that all about πŸ€”πŸ˜„

    14. These kittens who saw a cup holder and coordinated accordingly:

    u/chocolatemilkwhore / Via

    15. And finally, this cat who took some creative liberties for the sake of a nap:

    u/Isai76 / Via

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