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August 12, 2019

Buy A New Outfit And We'll Reveal Which "Euphoria" Girl You're Most Like

I just want to be a combination of all of them.

Eight Of These Spiders Will Cause You A World Of Pain. Can You Pick The One That Won't?

And yes, you'll find all of them in Australia. Naturally.

19 Things That Aged Very, Very Poorly

"If you ever feel ignored, just remember that Mary Kate and Ashley have another sister named Elizabeth."

Do You Know Which Animal Matches Your Personality?

The beast you were always meant to be.

Tell Us The Wildest Thing You've Ever Done For Your Best Friend

I personally got concussed in an AFL game.

Coach, Givenchy, And Versace Have Apologized To Chinese Consumers For These Controversial T-Shirts

Donatella Versace offered a personal apology on her Instagram, saying that she had never “wanted to disrespect China’s National Sovereignty.”

Plan A Night Of Drinking To See Which One Of Taylor Swift's Drunk Personalities You Are

We stan drunk Taylor Swift so much that it's a whole MOOD!

Are You More Like Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, Or Harry Potter?

"We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided."

If You Lose Your iPhone, You Can’t Pay Your Apple Card Bill On The Web

The new Apple Card credit card has an iOS-only app to see transactions and make payments, which means if you lose your Apple device, you won’t be able to pay your bill online.

We Know The Name Of Your Soulmate By The Foods You Choose

That sandwich hides a LOT of valuable information.

Tasty tiene una nueva serie original de YouTube y yo creo que va a ser tu nueva obsesión

'Tasty Around the World' es la competencia internacional de cocina que no sabías que necesitabas.

The 40 Most Outrageous Things That Have Happened In Florida In 2019 So Far

This list contains multiple accounts of people licking doorknobs...for hours.

Just 11 People Trying To Eat Super Casually At The Iowa State Fair

For some reason they all keep getting interrupted by the media.

The Guy Who Makes Videos Popping Balloons With A Bunch Of Knives Explained His Creative Process

He didn’t know balloon fetishists were a thing before he started making the videos.

14 Actors You'll Never Believe Guest-Starred On "Friends"

Yes, that's where you know them from.

Diálogos indicam que Moro instruiu força-tarefa a não apreender celulares de Eduardo Cunha

Diálogos analisados pelo BuzzFeed News, que integram o pacote de mensagens enviados ao Intercept Brasil por fonte anônima, mostram que, na véspera da prisão do ex-presidente da Câmara, procuradores queriam a apreensão da prova, mas foram convencidos do contrário. Cunha guardava conversas com detentores de foro – o que poderia levar processo para o STF.

24 Pictures That Perfectly Capture The Special Bonds Of Twins

Each year, thousands of twins descend on Twinsburg, Ohio, for the Twins Days festival to celebrate everything that makes them identical and unique.

27 Of The Best TV Shows From 2019 (So Far) That Are 100% Worth Watching

From Chernobyl to When They See Us and everything in between.

Tumblr Has A New Owner — Which Isn’t Pornhub — And It Intends To Keep The Porn Ban

The company that owns is buying the microblogging platform and will keep the restriction on adult content.

I Can't Stop Watching This Viral Video Of Fish Being Whooshed Through A Tube

"Well, I guess it's a Hot Girl Summer but a Fish Tube Fall."

The Uneasiness Of Joe Biden’s Presidential Campaign Is About More Than The Gaffes

Biden can come across as a candidate who’s worried that he’s running out of time — and that he’s wasting yours.

How Popular Are Your "Supernatural" Opinions?

"Dad's on a hunting trip and he hasn't been home in a few days."

This Hong Kong Pop Star Told Protesters To Stay Strong Against Chinese Scare Tactics

“If we scare ourselves that easily, it’s going to be so easy for the police to break us apart. We have to stand strong and stand together,” Denise Ho told BuzzFeed News.

Tinder Made A Sponsored Video With A Young YouTuber About Finding Dates On Vacation And It's Raising Safety Concerns

"This whole adventure of finding people on Tinder in Seattle and Portland has been so much fun," Summer Mckeen says in a vlog. "We recommend doing this, honestly."

23 Jokes About Watching Crime Shows That Are So Accurate

"He didn't do it. There's too much time left."

32 Crush-Worthy Things That Basically Give Me Butterflies In My Stomach

❤️ The best way to show products you love them is to smash "add to cart." ❤️

Here's What Everyone Wore To The 2019 Teen Choice Awards

All the fashion choices from Teen Choice!

¿Qué personaje de "NCIS: Los Ángeles" eres?

Hetty siempre está vigilando.

Si puedes reconocer cuáles son estas películas mexicanas ya eres básicamente una momia

Un quiz sólo para personas que conocen el término "charloastra".

These Intense Photos Show Just How Big Hong Kong’s Airport Protest Has Grown

Pro-democracy demonstrators, wearing bandages in solidarity with a woman reportedly shot in the eye with a beanbag round by police, occupied Hong Kong's airport for a fourth day Monday.

Which "Rocko's Modern Life" Character Are You Actually?

Are you more Rocko, Filburt or Heffer?

17 National Dishes That Are Truly Weird To Americans

Are you telling me you don't want to try snake wine??

Este neonazista foi condenado a pagar US$ 700 mil à vítima de postagem racista

Ele já havia sido condenado a pagar US$ 14 milhões a outra mulher alvo de assédio de seus seguidores.

These Senators Want Jeff Bezos To Explain What The Heck “Amazon’s Choice” Is

Sens. Bob Menendez and Richard Blumenthal are asking tough questions of the Amazon CEO after a BuzzFeed News report found fraudulent reviews and defective, low-quality products.

Si logras identificar aunque sea 10 de estas caricaturas de los 00's, estás en todo

Tú muy bien pasando horas sentado en un sillón frente a la tele.

The Attorney General Said There Were "Serious Irregularities" At The Prison Where Jeffrey Epstein Died

William Barr said he was "appalled" that Epstein was able to kill himself.

Si has vivido 30 de estas 37 situaciones, eres una persona MUY metiche

No me digas que vas viendo las conversaciones de la gente en el transporte público.

28 Totally Random Things Everyone Over 25 Hasn't Thought About In Years

I honestly completely forgot about the Comedy Central logo.

Travelers Share The 24 Underrated Vacations That Blew Their Minds

These lesser-known destinations are well worth the trip.

A Gay Couple Had To Flee Russia For The Crime Of Caring For Their Adopted Children

The couple, who had to leave after authorities threatened to take away their 12- and 14-year-old sons, spoke with Russian-language outlet Meduza about their plight.

15 Accesorios para el cabello que definitivamente tuviste a principios de los 2000

Definitivamente eras la chica más cool de la escuela si usabas plumas en el cabello.

¿Cuántas cosas básicas de geometría sabes?

A ver, haz memoria. ¡Sí se puede!

Queering Barbie

A good thing about owning Barbies if you’re a little queer girl is that you can look at their naked bodies and not feel like anyone will say anything weird to you for it.

What's The Craziest Dating Story You've Heard?

We all have that one story about a friend of a friend...

"The Crown" Season 3 Finally Has A Premiere Date And People Are PSYCHED

Season 3 will be available for your streaming pleasure on Nov. 17.

The Republican Running Against Donald Trump Took His Message To The Iowa State Fair. Few Listened.

NeverTrumpism in 2019 is Bill Weld on a short, rainy, and little-noticed trip to Iowa.

27 Cute Onesies To Dress Your Baby In

There are few things as funny as a baby who doesn't know they're wearing a joke.

Caitlyn Jenner Posted Four Photos Of Kendall On Kylie's Birthday And It's So Awkward

"Happy birthday to my little baby Kylie," Caitlyn wrote in the caption of four throwback photos of Kendall Jenner.

31 Inexpensive Things From Walmart That'll Make Your Home Look Fancier

Make people think you select "price filter: high–low" while online home shopping.

A New Trump Policy Could Deny Green Cards To Immigrants Who Use Public Benefits

The new policy, long in the works, will reshape the immigration system.

Coma um monte de cupcakes e adivinharemos sua idade e altura

Confie no seu lado formiga neste teste e mande a ver no cupcake!

27 Tote Bags To Buy If You Don't Believe In Bumper Stickers

Grab these if you want to get your point across without putting that point across your bumper.

We Know Whether You're Introverted Or Extroverted Based On The Animals You Choose

Until you've loved an animal, your soul remains unawakened.

Priyanka Chopra Was Accused Of "Encouraging Nuclear War" During A Q&A And This Was Her Response

"It was kinda hard hearing you talk about humanity because, as your neighbour, a Pakistani, I know you're a bit of a hypocrite."

Incoming: "I Was Screaming Bad"

How kids in El Paso are reacting to the Walmart shooting, an elderly couple who died in a murder-suicide said they could no longer afford health care, and photos to start your week. Your BuzzFeed News newsletter, Aug. 12.





Let's Find Out Which "Riverdale" Character You Are

"In case you haven't noticed, I'm weird."





31 Ways To Make Your Bedroom A Sanctuary

When your favorite room is calm and peaceful, you can be too!

A Leaked Email Shows Sadiq Khan Is About To Be Criticised Over His Transport Safety Record

Testimony by a former TfL board member with ties to Boris Johnson will put the safety of the city's bus and tram network in the spotlight, BuzzFeed News has learned.

Dominic Cummings Is Reshuffling Government Special Advisers As His “Jihad On SpAds” Gets Underway

Several aides have lost their jobs in the cull, government sources told BuzzFeed News.

「肉厚フライは反則」セブンの“248円おつまみ” 中毒性がエグいんですけど…!

セブンの「フィッシュ&チップス」がえげつない中毒性なんですよ! ポテトはホクホクで、フライは噛めば噛むほどうま味がジュワ〜〜! タルタルソースもほど良い酸味だし、コレもう最高のおつまみ案件だわ…。

最強の枕、現るwwww 驚きの風貌も最高





上野の「Bistro NOHGA(ビストロノーガ)」では、豪華コースランチがリーズナブルな値段で楽しめるんです!しかも事前に予約しておくと乾杯酒がついてくるサービスも。店内の雰囲気も最高で、かなりの贅沢気分が味わえますよ。



36 Photos Of Chris Hemsworth That Made Me Feel A Tingle Down There

Happy 36th birthday to the king that keeps on giving!

ファミマで買える“300円クレープ” 多幸感がすごいです…!

Family Mart(ファミリーマート)の「もちもち生地のチョコバナナクレープ」は、甘いものが苦手な方にもおすすめなんです!甘さ控えめのクリームと完熟したバナナが、もっちもちのクレープ生地とよく合う!!コレだけの量なのに全然しつこくないのはすごい…。

Asylum Seekers In Papua New Guinea Will Have To Give Up Phones As They’re Forced Into New Holding Cells

The men have been told to surrender their mobile phones and medication, and that they will not be able to leave their rooms.



We Bet You Can't Survive This Horror Story

Let's find out if you're final-girl material.




無印良品で見つけた「ひとくちゼリー ミックス」が超美味しいんですよ!!味はみかん、ぶどう、りんごの三種類。どれも果汁100%なので、最高にジューシーで本物の果物を食べてるみたいです…!暑い時期には凍らせて食べるのも◎







30 Stunning Pieces Of Home Decor You Can Get For Under $20

Not to be confused with 30-50 feral hogs.

16 Photos To Send Everyone You Know And Say, "I Saw It, So Now You Have To See It Too"

Some pictures are worth 1,000 words. These are worth one: "NOPE."

42 Facts About America That Really Freak Non-Americans Out

"Just found out Americans call fish fingers 'fish sticks.'"

19 Pictures That You Will Truly Struggle To Explain

It's a strange world out there.

You Must Identify 12/20 Of These Colors To Pass This Quiz — But Most People Can't Do It

"It's not turquoise. It's not lapis. It's actually cerulean."



監督が明かす『アベンジャーズ / エンドゲーム』のラストシーンに隠された秘密(ネタバレを含む)


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