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    16 Grandmas Who Are Not Having Their Best Day

    "TBT to when I mixed up the gas and brake pedals."

    1. This grandma who lost her glass eye:

    Hahahaha omg my poor wee granny's glass eye fell out and we all had to search for it and Finlay found it with a spoon 😂😩

    2. This grandma who didn't realize she was feeding the cats chocolate cereal:

    my family keeps the cereal and cat food in these containers and my grandma confused the 2 and has been feeding the cats coco pebbles for the past 3 days #oops

    3. This grandma who fell into her granddaughter's crib...and 36 million people saw it:

    OOPS! Baby monitor captures grandma falling into a crib #KPRC2

    4. This grandma who forgot how to make a car stop and go:

    Throw back Thursday to when I mixed up the gas and break pedals #oops #istilldrive

    5. This grandma who is upset she isn't winning the game:

    My poor ol granny lives for this 😂😂. She's competitive as can be and man does she hate losing

    6. This grandma who got caked in the face:

    Safe to say my family are not normal 😂😂😂 My poor Grandma.

    7. This grandma who didn't realize her gift tag read "cunt":

    My poor grandma didn't even know what she wrote on the tag. (It's suppose to say Curt)

    8. This grandma who blew out her teeth trying to blow out her birthday candles:

    9. This grandma who went the whole day not knowing her shoes didn't match:

    Throwback to when my Grandma accidentally wore 2 different shoes and didn’t notice til the day was almost over😂🤣😅

    10. This grandma who had to pretend her granddaughter's makeover looked amazing:

    11. And this grandma who had to pretend her granddaughter's makeover didn't make her look like a clown:

    12. This grandma whose found out her grandson only thinks of her at cemeteries:

    My 92 year old grandma loves genealogy and cemeteries so I let her know I was thinking of her. #oops

    13. And this grandma who got dominated by a dog:

    14. This grandma who saw her grandkid's social media posts and got very offended:

    15. This grandma who tried to take her daughter out for ice cream, but locked the keys inside the house:

    16. And then this grandma who was eventually able to just laugh about her very bad day:

    my grandma cried bc she spilt pasta on the floor (she was upset about making a lot of silly mistakes today that she doesn’t usually do) so i read her @LiamPayne’s tweet to make her feel better and she laughed