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    Make A Pie Bar And We'll Give You The Flavor You Should Eat For The Rest Of The Year

    It's a pie! It's a bar! It's a PIE BAR!!!

    Gather ye 'round, for I have a very important question: what's better than pie?

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    You might be thinking: "nothing." And while that's a pretty good guess, it's not entirely correct.



    The delicious, delectable flavor of pie, the convenience of a bar. What more could you want in this world?

    Not only that, but there are so many different ways to create pie bars, from the crust to the fillings to the yummy toppings. So, we want to see you make your perfect pie bar!


    Here's how it works: Press play on the video at the bottom of this post and you'll be guided through a series of questions about what you'd prefer in your pie bar. What makes you drool more: a graham or cookie crust?


    Both are great choices! Click on whichever one strikes your fancy and you'll be guided to the next option.

    How about fillings? Are you more into vanilla cream or some tart, refreshing berries?


    Can't forget about toppings! Choose a lil' something to sprinkle on top.


    But your journey doesn't stop there! What gorgeous kind of pie bar will you create? Just tap the interactive video below to get started!

    Let us know how you build your perfect pie bar in the comments below!

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