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    40 Brilliant Storage Products You'll Be Kicking Yourself You Didn't Think Of First

    The power that these have, the intelligence that these have...

    1. A hanger stacker, for when you realize, "hmm, maybe ignoring the massive pile in my closet isn't the best storage solution??"

    2. A shower curtain liner with pockets so you can take advantage of every last inch of storage space your cramped bathroom offers.

    3. A "Spicy Shelf" to see exactly what's in your cupboards without too much squinting and rearranging.

    4. A hanging organizer tray if you feel like storage units never offer a great spot to store your wallets and handbags.

    5. A toilet paper holder that'll double as a shelf for resting your phone.

    6. A room divider you can also use to display accessories (or pots and pans!).

    7. A floating shelf — with an emphasis on the "floating." This one actually conceals every trace of hardware to create the illusion of levitating books.

    8. A space-saving outlet shelf that's perfect for propping up your home speakers or tablet while you bathe.

    9. A garage door rack designed to hold all your fishing rods and/or gardening tools that would otherwise be tossed haphazardly in a closet.

    10. A multi-slotted battery organizer so you don't have to dig through a junk drawer and unearth three stray Tylenols, a nickel, and a crumpled CVS receipt before finding your stash.

    11. A wall-mounted table you can fold up when you're not using it as a desk or dining surface.

    12. A classy match holder that'll double as a striker.

    13. A plastic bag and bottle dryer that can be folded up and stored inside a drawer or hung from the eyelet dowel when not in use.

    14. A dish and hook to drop your essentials in when you come home from work (a sliding piece attached to the back mounts directly onto the wall).

    15. A wall hook that'll bring you some inner peace.

    16. A leaning ladder you can use to hang throw blankets, scarves, belts, and other accessories on without looking like a total mess.

    17. A tip-out tray for your cleaning supplies, if you have those false drawers under your sink that aren't pulling much weight.

    18. An upright spiral fruit basket that'll give you art *and* smart vertical storage in one shiny package.

    19. A magnetic organization rack, for when you've used up all your shelves but still need a spot for your paper towels, and odds and ends.

    20. A collapsible storage bin, if you've bin there done that with clunky storage containers.

    21. A washer-friendly sock organization system (equipped with clips and locks), because your least favorite part of doing laundry — hands down — is scavenging for lost mates.

    22. A wall-mounted drying rack that's pretty darn discreet for being attached to your wall.

    23. Or, a hanging three-tiered drying surface if messing with hardware is a hard no.

    24. A nursery organizer and diaper caddy, so everything can be within arm's reach when disaster strikes.

    25. A punching bag–shaped laundry bag, because if you're mad about having to trek to a laundromat, you might as well channel that anger into something productive (like, say, a career in boxing).

    26. A "Rebin" — that's a 100% recycled plastic bin for your recycling — to make your paper corner as tidy as possible in the lead-up to recycling day.

    27. A magnetic wall pocket strip — a creative alternative to the traditional shelf — that'll hold your photos, bills, or keepsakes.

    28. A set of plates with built-in slots to hold your stemware, so you don't have to worry about losing your champagne glass at the next function.

    29. A slide-out storage tower, if you've ever wondered what to do with that oddly narrow space between your washer and dryer.

    30. A wall-mounted shallow cabinet that's ideal for holding your shoes if you're not super fond of displaying them on a free-standing rack.

    31. A splatter-proof cookbook stand that beats using a bowl as a makeshift paperweight to keep your book open on the right recipe.

    32. A set of "lid masters" to snugly stack all the stray lids cluttering your kitchen cabinets (and falling on you every time you open the door).

    33. A set of magnetic spice jar dispensers, so you'll never have to ask where the salt went ever again.

    34. Or, a spice rack drawer organizer if you prefer to keep your spices concealed (but still perfectly tidy).

    35. A bed for your kitchen sponge, because even your long-lived plate scrubber could use some back support.

    36. A pack of Q-hooks — a literal twist on the classic S-hook — so your clothing will actually stay put on the rod when you go to grab an item.

    37. A two-tier storage shelf that'll teach you to stop cutting corners and use your kitchen corners.

    38. An adjustable wrap stand, because maybe up until now you thought the only way to store your foils and plastics was in a pile?

    39. A sheep toilet paper holder that'll also hold your guest's attention.

    40. And an acrylic collator bookend that, in addition to propping up your books, can also hold papers and folders for you in its built-in slots.

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