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    Here's What Your Toddler Is Actually Thinking, As Told By David From "Schitt's Creek"

    They're both dramatic AF, don't @ me.

    When you change their poop-filled diaper.

    When they want to drink out of a "big kid cup" and scream until you let them, and then they spill it all over themselves.

    When you say "I think someone needs a bath."

    When you use your hand to stop any water/soap from going into their eyes during their bath.

    When they pull out random scraps of food from their diaper and hand them to you.

    When you're out in public and they insist on touching EVERYTHING around you.

    When you leave a glass on a lower surface (JUST FOR A SECOND) and they knock it over.

    When you repeatedly say "don't cross the street until Mommy/Daddy has your hand".

    When you tell them for the 5th time not to bite when they're tired/hungry/upset/excited.

    When they bite you for the 6th time and you sternly say "NO".

    When they have to eat vegetables.

    When you let them sleep in just a diaper because it's summer.

    When you're too tired to make a full dinner so you do scrambled eggs and toast.

    When you pick them up from daycare and they're not done playing with their friends.

    When you remind them to share.

    When you show them Baby Einstein videos.

    When you try to get them to use a sippy cup instead of a bottle.

    When you read them a bedtime story but they're still wide awake.

    And when you tell them how much you love them and that they're the sweetest thing in the whole world.