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    Servers Are Sharing Things They'd Like You To Stop Doing And You Should...Stop...

    Serving up some useful tips for dining out.

    A recent Reddit thread asked, "Waiters, what’s something the customer should stop doing?" The servers of Reddit came through with some helpful tips for the next time you dine out.

    1. Kids:

    "Letting your kids wander away from the table when they get antsy. We are carrying sizzling platters, trays of cocktails, and stacks of dishes and this is a nightmare waiting to happen." β€”CueTheKerfuffle

    2. Cheering:

    "Don't cheer or laugh at me or my colleague when we drop plates or drinks." β€”xskreeminskullx

    3. Whistling/snapping:

    "Don't snap or whistle at me. I am not a dog. Likewise, don't commend me with 'good girl' when I drop your order at your table." β€”bar_tenderness

    4. Attitude when it comes to ID:

    "Don't give me shit when I ask your kid for their ID to order a drink. I don't know that you're their parent, or that you're not otherwise lying. Let me do my job." β€”bar_tenderness


    5. Dangling the tip:

    "Don't dangle a tip like a carrot in front of your server. I've seen folks stack singles on the table and tell their server, 'For every issue, I take away a dollar.' Who condescends like that to a person trying to provide a service?" β€”bar_tenderness

    6. Talking over the server:

    "Please allow me to finish introducing myself before you start speaking your order over me. Lots of restaurants require their servers to hit specific talking points, and besides, it's just rude." β€”bar_tenderness

    7. Lingering:

    "Almost closing time and the group is sitting there with their food finished and just talking. Please talk outside and let me close the restaurant. I just want to go home on time." β€”hans0099

    8. Proposals:

    "Proposing β€” it makes the restaurant awkward." β€”Iamarandomguyhaha2

    Comedy Central

    9. Texting while ordering:

    "Being on your damn phone while ordering. Honestly. Just no. I am a human being: Look at me if you wanna talk." β€”artificiellt

    10. Coming to a restaurant as a family and arguing:

    "I had a woman snap at me while I was taking her order because she and her husband were arguing. They ordered their food and asked for the check and a box 10 minutes after I dropped the food off. It was just a very awkward and uncomfortable experience for me." β€”darkeyedemon

    11. Wanting to split the bill at the end:

    "If you want a split bill, ask for a split bill before you order anything." β€”JimmyL2014

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    12. Asking for things at separate times:

    "As a table, know what you all need at once (refills, napkins, etc.). It’s much more efficient for everyone." β€”MissAnthrope612

    13. Tipping on the discounted bill total:

    "You should tip on the full amount of the bill if a discount/coupon/gift card is applied to the final price. I've had bills go from $150 to $20 after a gift card is redeemed." β€”staybig

    14. Grabbing a drink off the tray:

    "It throws off the whole thing and then the tray topples over." β€”alyssa_cecelia


    15. Blaming the server:

    "Do you honestly think I take your orders then run to the back to cook them?" β€”MADHATTA415

    16. Arguing over who pays:

    "Stop arguing over who gets the check. I don't care, as long as someone pays me."

    Got it?! Good!

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