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    There's A Major Deal On Rent The Runway Unlimited Memberships Right Now, And Your Closet Is About To Change Forever

    Unlimited designer clothes, bags, and accessories arriving to my door dry cleaned and ready to turn heads? Don't mind if I do.

    Rejoice, all you fashionistas, style mavens, and trendsetters! Rent the Runway is currently offering $100 OFF of a 60-day trial of their Unlimited package (using code "BUZZFEEDXRTR")!! That's right — you can rent from a massive collection of designer garments for a mere *fraction* of what it would cost to buy them!

    I've tried RTR Unlimited and let me tell ya — it was incredible. You can rent up to four styles at a time and keep them as long (or as little) as you'd like. Anything from tops, coats, bottoms, accessories — even purses are fair game!

    The website and app make it SUPER easy and fun to pick out your shipments. You can sort by size, color, event, designer, neckline — basically anything — to find *just* the items for you. But don't stress too much, you get to pick new things almost every day for at least two whole months!

    Two-day shipping is free, returns are easy as heck, every piece comes dry cleaned (*swoon*), and you can even add more slots if you see a fifth item you simply NEED! Worried about fit? Reviews and photos uploaded by other RTR users seriously help you pick the styles and sizes for you.

    I know you're gonna be like "But Rachel, you're paying for something but don't end up OWNING anything." And I get it! But I thought of this like a service. I pay for the gym every month but don't leave with a treadmill! Putting money towards using pristine designer clothes that would N-E-V-E-R be affordable because it makes you feel good is a valid expense, not to mention fun as hell.

    And if the service is a bit out of your budget or sounds perfect for someone you know, RTR is an amazing gift to ask for or give! My mom got me two months of Unlimited for my birthday, and it was truly the gift that kept on giving. Thanks, mom!

    Discover Rent the Runway for yourself by trying the 60-day Unlimited trial! It's $159 a month, but don't forget to save $$$ each month by entering code "BUZZFEEDXRTR" at checkout. Rock on, you stylish readers. Rock on.

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