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    Monica Lewinsky Has Been Responding To People On Twitter About The Clinton Scandal And It's Actually Very Funny

    What are Monica Lewinsky stans called because I think I may be one of them?

    Yesterday, Monica Lewinsky was announced as a producer on Ryan Murphy's Impeachment: American Crime Story.

    .@MonicaLewinsky explains her decision to work as a producer with Ryan Murphy to tell her story

    The show comes out sometime September 2020 and SARAH PAULSON IS PLAYING LINDA TRIPP, but that's not what we're here to talk about.


    We're here to talk about Monica's legitimately good and funny responses to people on Twitter about the Clinton scandal.


    Like her response to the worst career advice she'd ever received.

    Or that time she responded to this weird Mike Pence quote about spending more time on your knees.


    The time someone posted a picture of Trump with a dick around him...

    ...and she responded:

    That time she posted picture of the Gaslight Theatre.

    And my personal favorite:

    “What’s your name?” “Monica.” “Like Monica from Friends?” “Yes. Yes exactly.”

    Monica's Twitter is refreshingly candid.

    if. fucking. only.

    It's nice to see her making light of the awful treatment she received in the past.

    And honestly, I just have to say it: I'm happy to see her in a good place.

    Now excuse me, because like I said earlier, SARAH PAULSON IS PLAYING LINDA TRIPP.


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