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23 Of The Most Breathtaking Looks From Afro Nation Festival 2019

The category is: flawless beauty 😍

We went to Afro Nation Festival in Portugal over the weekend. Now, the vibe was great, the acts were amazing, but the people...well, the people were just unreal. Here some of the amazing looks we came across over the four days.

1. Hold up and pause for a moment, because this fit is something else:

BuzzFeed / Via Instagram: @arielleines

2. Alexa, play "Diamonds" by Rihanna:

3. Proof that friends that slay together stay together:


4. Cast them as Princess Ariel's sisters immediately:


5. Do we need any more proof that black women invented yellow:

BuzzFeed / Via Instagram: @amandacharx

6. The category is – neon realness:

7. We weren't joking when we said neon was top of the menu:

8. You can never go wrong with a good co-ord:

BuzzFeed / Via Instagram: @chistrings

9. Slay together, stay together:


10. Carefree black men are undefeated:


11. Floral print + co-ords = a match made in heaven:

BuzzFeed / Via Instagram: @brendusmraffa

12. A little leg pop never hurt nobody:

BuzzFeed / Via Instagram: @sonia_nutela


14. You really can't go wrong with some good 'ole animal print:

BuzzFeed / Via Instagram: @its_hanifahh

15. Naomi Campbell is SHAKING:

BuzzFeed / Via Instagram: @bissakins

16. Someone needs to call Vogue, because this look is tooooo much:

BuzzFeed / Via Instagram: @eyesofballa

17. There are some strong Janelle Monàe vibes going on here:

BuzzFeed / Via Instagram: @rocky.try

18. Proof that African print is everything:

19. Don't your eyes feel blessed?!

20. An effortless flex:

BuzzFeed / Via Instagram: @pic.cell

21. "Brown Skin Girls":

22. THIS is how you do a mesh look:

23. I have no words 😍:

BuzzFeed / Via Instagram: @rufiee

I can't wait to see all the amazing looks at Afro Nation Ghana!

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