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    The "Veronica Mars" Cast All Agrees That Kristen Bell Is The Queen Of One-Takes

    Let's point some fingers!

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    With the new season of Veronica Mars now streaming on Hulu, we caught up with the cast at Comic-Con to play a game of "Who's Who?" to get to know our favorites just a little better.

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    So which cast member is most likely to show up late to set? And who would be found napping in between scenes? Watch the video below to find out some behind the scenes truths!

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    Ever wondered which cast member ALWAYS nails their scenes on the first take? Well, out of this cast, everyone unanimously agreed that Kristen is the one-take queen.

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    BuzzFeed: Who's most likely to nail a scene on the first take?

    Enrico Colantoni Kristen.

    Kirby Howell-Baptiste: Kristen.

    Ryan Hansen: Kristen... asshole.

    BuzzFeed: Does she do it a lot?

    RH: Yes! Every time.

    Like, she really is *that* good.

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    Jason Dohring: I remember her coming in and she's like, "I haven't read this." And just killed it.

    However, Enrico did admit that Kristen's life is much more "hectic" than it was during the first three seasons of the show, so she's not *as* perfect with her lines as she once was.

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    EC: You know, I have to say in Season 4 now, her life is a little bigger, she's got kids — she'll actually screw up a take once in a while. The first three seasons she was perfect.

    TBH, not surprised one bit!!!

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    Make sure to catch Season 4 of Veronica Mars, now streaming on Hulu.

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