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    This Best Friend Went The Extra Mile To Make Sure This Proposal Was Special And Now He's Gone Viral

    "We all need that friend throwing flower petals. My friends throw shade."

    Meet Charbel Abillama and his fiancé Kristina Hanna from Ontario, Canada. The couple, who have been together for a decade, recently got engaged, and Charbel didn't hold back on the romance when it came to popping the big question.

    Hans St-preux

    "I came to the idea of finally proposing about three and a half months ago," Charbel told BuzzFeed News.

    "Kristina is very difficult to surprise but I finally decided to do it outside a very famous hotel in Ottawa called Château Laurier. I set up a brunch for her and some of her friends and the plan was on their way back to the car they will walk by the huge set off stairs and that's where I would be standing waiting."

    He worked with his best friend, Wael Mansour. The pair were forced to get creative when the moment was nearly derailed by a security ban on proposals at the premises.


    Sharing his detailed plans with BuzzFeed News (see above sketch), the 27-year-old explained that 20 minutes before Kristina's scheduled appearance, the proposal had to be relocated to the bottom of the stairs.

    He said: "We were freaking out and scrambling and literally told security 'Sorry but i'm not leaving, this has been planned for way too long,' so we ended up doing it at the bottom, beside the stairs with about 50-60 people watching."

    Their moment was captured on camera by bystanders but the real scene stealer is the dedicated Wael who made sure the improvised proposal was special with his own contribution.

    we stumbled upon a public proposal in the byward market today

    Yes, Wael was the designated petal thrower and now all proposals need one.

    Twitter / Via GIF Brewery

    "The idea of having Wael throw the petals was legit all him, I wish I can describe the type of character he is. He totally free-styled it and told me five mins before the proposal 'i'm going to hide in this corner and throw petals all over her,'" said Charbel.

    "He's also the type of guy that while she's coming down the stairs yelled to me 'What if she says no?' Perfect confidence boost."

    And just like that, he's gone viral.

    im the friend throwing the Rose petals 😭

    Wael told BuzzFeed News: "I still don’t know what’s happening or how it happened. It’s funny because I’ve always been an outgoing and goofy guy but never thought I’d go viral for throwing petals as a last minute idea at my friend's proposal."


    And his newfound fame has become the source of inspiration for a business idea. Anybody in need of a petal thrower?

    Planning to propose? DM me to be there throwing petals. 🌹

    "I like business and I’ve always worked a lot so why not take the opportunity when it presents itself? I like making people happy and being part of moments like this anyway and it’s a unique idea that people are seeming to love, so why not?" said Wael, who has now claimed the online identity of "petal thrower".

    As for the couple, while their moment may have been hijacked, the outpouring of positivity is a welcome change in a world that has "so much hate."


    The couple said: "The responses online have been so overwhelming. It's so nice for a change that a positive funny loving video can reach out to so many people and connect so many of us together.

    "We have gained followers people asking for the professional photos, asking us to send pictures of the wedding when it happens, all the funny comments towards how much of a solid friend the 'Rose Petal Thrower' is. In a world that has so much hate and violence this is the stuff that makes you happy and proud of what we are and continue to be as a society."

    Kristina told BuzzFeed News: "The proposal was a huge shock, if you see the full video you could see the surprise look in my face. We always talked about eventually getting married and I knew he would be popping the question soon but I just couldn't believe in that moment he was there waiting at the end of the steps."

    Hans St-preux

    @simpleee_k @alisonmah What would I do without my main man @petalthrower #FinishedProduct

    Wael is the friend we all need.

    @alisonmah We all need that friend throwing flower petals. My friends throw shade 😒

    @alisonmah If you dont have friends like the guy throwing the petals then you need new friends

    @alisonmah I loved rose petal guy, made it so human, a buddy backup for his friend. Lovely!

    Who would throw petals if Wael proposed? 🤔

    @alisonmah @kay_seven I want the flower petal guy to marry ME!! 😂❤️👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

    @alisonmah Did anyone else find it hilarious when she paused for a second to look at the guy throwing the rose petals 😂😩 he stayed launching them 💀

    @alisonmah shoutout to the friend in the back throwin roses, he's the real MVP here...

    Wingman of the year 👏🏾

    @alisonmah @soopayton That's the real MVP ... Wingman of the year he is so genuinely happy. 🤗

    All together now...aww.

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