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    17 Marriage Proposals That'll Take Your Breath Away

    And they say romance is dead.

    1. This proposal displayed the ring beautifully:

    u/readball / Via

    2. This proposal is very McRomantic:

    u/greensheets42 / Via

    3. This whopping proposal is rare (to medium rare):

    u/No_more_user_names / Via

    4. This proposal will make you salivate:

    u/xXRugerManXx / Via

    5. This one's proposin' good in the neighborhood:

    u/titsnboots / Via

    6. This one was made possible by a little bit of help from a friend:

    @SRUC / Via Twitter: @sruc

    7. This proposal wasn't a total waste:

    u/Gennieo / Via

    8. And this one could've gotten messy:

    u/DeadliestWookie / Via

    9. This one ✨ started with a beer ✨:

    u/Apex2113 / Via

    10. This proposal is forever immortalized in text:

    u/terry2691 / Via

    11. This one is proof that Facebook really does bring people together:

    u/Lontology / Via

    12. This proposal is a good one to share with all your friends:

    u/sirmcshagsalot / Via

    13. This one is superrr cheesy:

    u/gammypig / Via

    14. And this one is very saucy:

    u/DocJohn85 / Via

    15. This proposal will give you secondhand feels:

    u/kangaroo717 / Via

    16. This one is a sign that it's meant to be:

    u/LabotomyCrisis / Via

    17. And this one? A sign that it's meant to be again:

    u/WhiiteMexiican / Via

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