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    Rosetta Stone Is 40% Off Right Now So You Can Seriously Impress Your Language Teacher

    Whether you're studying abroad or need a refresher before taking college-level classes, Rosetta Stone has super simple courses in 25 different languages, all up to 40% off!

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    Attention everyone who's taking language classes this school year or studying abroad!! (Or who's a parent/family member/friend to someone who is!) From this very moment until the end of the day on August 28th, the language-learning site Rosetta Stone is offering up to FORTY PERCENT OFF subscriptions to their app/website.

    Rosetta Stone

    Even if you don't fall into one of those categories but want to travel, connect more deeply with family or friends who speak a different language, or just broaden your horizons and stay mentally sharp, learning a new language is the perfect way to get started!

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    Rosetta Stone makes learning a language as low-effort (and fun!) as possible, because it teaches with a time-tested and proven immersion method, which is v. different from what you'll find in your typical high school or college class.

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    Well, at least the classes I took in high school. Immersion works with your brain's ~natural language learning ability~, and while all students are different, anyone trying it out could have a pretty decent grip on the basics of the language after even only an hour each day for a little over a month.

    A subscription comes with incredibly useful features: besides the full multi-unit Rosetta Stone course, you get an app with a phrasebook and ~Seek and Speak~, which turns everyday objects into conversation practice with scavenger-hunt style challenges.

    Rosetta Stone

    And it uses your speaker and microphone to help you with your pronunciation! Practicing conversations is key, because the more you actually spend speaking and thinking in a different language, the more it sticks with you.

    Naturally, a subscription works *both* on a desktop/laptop and phone/tablet apps, all depending on your (or your student's) preferences and schedule.

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    And everything keeps up with the exact moment that you left off, even if you were on your phone and switch over to your laptop.

    Each course itself has several levels with four units each; each unit features core lessons that lay the foundation of the language. In between each unit, you get several other little entertaining activities to help you practice what you've just learned.

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    Each lesson takes between five and 30 minutes, and most people take about 40–50 hours to work through each level. Each language has about 250 hours of content total, but you can start making progress with just 30 minutes a day!

    And there are 25 different languages to choose from!

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    They include: French, German, Italian, Latin American Spanish, Spain's Spanish, American English, British English, Arabic, Mandarin Chinese, Dutch, Filipino (Tagalog), Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Irish, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Persian (Farsi), Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Turkish, and Vietnamese.

    So whether you want to boost your grades, be extra confident when you land overseas, or help out a student that you love, you can save $$$ while doing it. Plans with the discount included start at $5.99/month! But don't forget, this discount's only good if you sign up through Wednesday, August 28th!

    Rosetta Stone

    That's for the two year deal; there's also a 12-month option for $7.99/month, a six-month option for $10.99/month, or a three-month option for $11.99/month.

    You (or your student!) after just a few hours practicing your chosen language, whether you want a refresher on your classes or are starting completely from scratch:

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