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Why Snape Is Not a Hero

He will always be an idiot.

Little Vegemte • 2 days ago
Little Vegemte • 5 days ago

Get Ready For School And We'll Tell You Your Eye Colour

The time of year that we all dread. Yay!

Little Vegemte • 8 days ago

Eat Some Food And We'll Guess The First Letter Of Your Name

RT if this quiz makes you crave alphabet soup.

Little Vegemte • 9 days ago

We 100% Know If You're A Muggle-Born, Half-Blood, Pure-Blood, Or Muggle

Are you more like Hermione Granger or Severus Snape?

Little Vegemte • 14 days ago
Little Vegemte • 15 days ago
Little Vegemte • 17 days ago

What Percent Gay Are You?

Gay People Are Just Froot Loops in a Bunch of Cheerios

Little Vegemte • One month ago

How LGBTQ Are You?

"It's okay to be gay"

Little Vegemte • One month ago

Rate These Memes And We Will Reveal Your Friend's Name

'Friends buy you food, best friends steal it.'

Little Vegemte • One month ago
Little Vegemte • One month ago

How Do You Pronounce Caramel?

Sweet, sugary caramel...

Little Vegemte • 4 months ago