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    25 Pictures That'll Make Millennials Tear Up And Say, "Such A Pure Time"

    Take me back to the days when the hangout spot was Borders!

    1. This computer desk complete with lava lamp, Jennifer Love Hewitt wallpaper, and Cartman figurine:

    2. This guy making fun of the Nokia N-Gage phone feature that made you side talk into it by "side talking" into a Dance Dance Revolution arcade game floor:

    3. This store that sold overpriced CDs and DVDs:

    4. Tubes upon tubes of Shrek GoGurt:

    5. Phones built into the back of airplane seats:

    6. Sitting at Borders for hours and not buying anything:

    The Sydney Morning Herald / Getty Images

    7. CD kiosks at the Virgin Megastore:

    Spencer Platt / Getty Images

    8. This black and white photo of Converse with stick figures drawn on them:

    9. This warning you had to see any time you watched any DVD:

    David Mcnew / Getty Images

    10. These people taking a photo with a flip phone:

    Marco Vacca / Getty Images

    11. This Sub Club card that you always had to remember to carry with you:

    12. Teens sitting around and reading magazines together:

    Photofusion / Universal Images Group via Getty

    13. The N64 machines they had for kids to play at McDonald's:

    14. Hoobastank randomly holding Bratz dolls:

    J. Countess / WireImage

    15. A Monster energy drink placed right next to an iPod Nano and an old, tiny-ass phone:

    16. Taco Bell Chihuahua merchandise:

    17. A sign strictly banning the use of Heelys:

    18. This selfie of a person showing off their iPod Nano:

    19. The iTunes page in 2003 with pure classics as the Top Songs:

    20. A CD collection, complete with Soulja Boy and Simple Plan CDs:

    21. This photo that everyone took at least once in order to make more friends on Myspace:

    22. A blurry, messy mirror selfie that's impossible to see:

    23. The King from Burger King's XBOX 360 games:

    24. A Wii disc that lets you stream Netflix:

    25. And finally, Ryan Pinkston from Punk'd at a party hosted by the Bad Boys II soundtrack and Sprite Remix:

    Jim Spellman / WireImage