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    No Matter What, These 13 Kids Will Always Be Cooler Than You

    **Suddenly has 13 new role models**

    1. First, there's this lil' stuntman:

    2. And this pro snowboarder:

    3. This kid, who's already perfected the art of a perfectly cocked eyebrow:

    4. This completely unflappable kiddo:

    5. And this tough guy:

    6. Here's another stone cold "IDGAF" role model for our time:

    7. And this kid, who's already expert at giving out orders:

    8. Think you're an old soul? Think again.

    9. But really:

    10. If only we could all look this casual when our crush walks up to us:

    11. This cowboy will always be cooler than the rest of us, forever:

    12. And this hot rod driver is already better at parking than you are:

    13. So, in closing, it looks like the rest of us might just give up now?

    This post was translated from German.