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    FYI Jacob Elordi From "Euphoria" Isn't Just Hot, He's A Hot AUSTRALIAN

    Yes, he's got an accent people!!

    This is Jacob Elordi, my friends!!

    He was in The Kissing Booth.

    And also he plays Nate on Euphoria. Obviously Nate sucks and is horrible and gross and bad.

    But in real life Jacob is not Nate. Jacob is Jacob.

    And not only is he very, very good looking.

    But he's Australian. Meaning he has an Australian accent...uh doi.

    View this video on YouTube

    So he's not just hot. He's hot with an accent that makes him hotter!!!

    View this video on YouTube

    He is 100% tall-dude-from-Australia hot. A regular ol' Hemsworth!

    So yeah, Nate = bad! Hate!

    But Jacob = Australian and cute.

    Which equals love!