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    This Cosplayer Dresses As "SpongeBob" Memes And I Am Living For It

    She's a Goofy Goober, yeah.

    Meet Mira Park, a 19-year-old who's been cosplaying for just over a year now.

    Recently, she's become known for something a little outside the normal sphere of cosplay: dressing as memes. Specifically, iconic SpongeBob memes like this one:

    And, of course, this one, which went viral last month:

    For a little context behind the picture that everyone is sharing, Mira told BuzzFeed that she wanted to take it in a theater while hooked up to the fly system, but that didn't work out, so she "improvised."

    Mira Park / Via Twitter: @beebinch

    I personally think the monkey bars really set the tone.

    All of the costumes, such as this one of Dennis, are the perfect combination of silly and painstakingly extra.

    She told BuzzFeed that she makes as much of the costumes as she can herself, "including armor/prop building, painting, sewing and detailing work," and anything she can't make herself, she commissions from another artist.

    Her most well-known SpongeBob look is probably this Goofy Goober guitar wizard look. The cape has over 1,000 hand-placed Swarovski crystals, Mira said.

    Of course, she doesn't do only SpongeBob — her first silly cosplay idea was actually this "low-poly boobs" Lara Croft costume:

    However, she said that she keeps returning to SpongeBob because she's loved it since she was a kid and because so much of the show is "universally recognizable by people [her] age."

    "It's a really rich source material for unique cosplays that most people can still understand," Mira told BuzzFeed.

    Let's hope her love for SpongeBob never fades because I will never be tired of these costumes.

    You can check out more of Mira's cosplay on her Instagram.