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What Is The Best Opening Film Scene Of All Time?

Starting! Off! Strong!

Look, the art of a good first impression isn't JUST important for people — it's also incredibly important in filmmaking.

The first few minutes of a good movie should manage to captivate you while simultaneously setting up the world and introducing the main's A LOT to pull off well.

So — in your opinion — what is the absolute BEST opening scene in any movie EVER?

Maybe the first five minutes of The Dark Knight changed your life forever with how genuinely incredible it was.

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Or perhaps you think "The Circle of Life" sequence from The Lion King is the only opener that matters.

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Heck, maybe it was something a little scarier — like the straight-up sharkicular homicide in Jaws — that you think is splendid in every way.

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Share the opening scene that you think is the absolute BEST and WHY you feel that way in the comments below for a chance to be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post or video!