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    People Are Sharing What Advice They Would Give Their Younger Selves, And, Honestly, It Will Give You The Feels

    "Other kids can be mean, don’t let them take your voice."

    Earlier today @YoungMinds ⁠— a charity based in the UK that advocates for mental health in young people ⁠— asked on Twitter for people to find a photo of themselves as child and to then write three things they'd tell their younger selves.

    Take part in #5YearOldSelfie! 1) Find a photo of your younger self 2) Write 3 things you’d tell that child 3) Use #5YearOldSelfie 4) Tag 3 friends to help spread the love Next time you feel down about yourself, remember your message to your #5YearOldSelfie💛

    And people responded with some really wonderful responses that might bring out some emotions in you:


    #5YearOldSelfie 💛 1) You’ll go through some tough times but you’re stronger than you think 2) Your dreams will come true and you’ll do everything you can to make them happen - please don’t give up 3) Always believe in yourself, you are good enough no matter what people believe


    To my 5 year old self, life is going to be hard. You are a special needs child born with a brain birth defect but don't let what people call you limit you or hurt you. You are the kindest sweetest and have the biggest imagination don't loose yourself #5YearOldSelfie


    #5YearOldSelfie • your body is beautiful • don’t be afraid to tell people what you like & dislike • embrace your natural hair <3


    #5YearOldSelfie What are 3 things I would tell my five year old self. 1. Other kids can be mean, don’t let them take your voice 2. In a couple years your life is going to change in ways you can never dream of, just go with it. 3. You don’t have to do everything perfectly


    To me five year old self #5YearOldSelfie 1. Keep on liking video games, they will save you so much in the future 2. It’s awesome you like Power Rangers as much as Barbies - your varied interests will keep you happy 3. You are so freakin strong already, you inspire me even today


    #5YearOldSelfie 1). it’s okay to speak up about your mental health 2). always be nice, but don’t take any bullying 3). spend more time with your mom while you can


    #5YearOldSelfie 1) Believe in yourself!! 2) Cherish good friends & family 3) Jump out of your comfort zone more! @YoungMindsUK


    #5YearOldSelfie -There is no one in the world like you, fearlessly embrace your unique essence. -The world can be cold, but never let it rob you of your infectious smile. -Remain the happy, imaginative intellectual with the impeccable style.


    to my #5YearOldSelfie 1. it’s okay to be the shy, quiet one 2. please learn how to say “no”. it won’t make you a bad person 3. you’re so much more than what people told you you’d be


    To my #5yearoldselfie ... 1. Embrace your differences 2. Don’t give up on your goals 3. It’s ok to cry Your go @ItsJacobEdward @AlexDaviesMYP @pat123alf @CaraLisette @YoungMindsUK


    Three things I would tell me five years ago: 1) Your name is Tristan. You’re trans and that’s ok. 2) You will escape. Your parents will divorce but you won’t need to wait for that to get out. 3) You’re more capable and loved thank you think. #5yearoldselfie ⁦@YoungMindsUK⁩


    Share your #5YearOldSelfie with @YoungMindsUK (thanks @officialbarnsey) What 3 things would you tell your younger self? Mine: 1. It's OK to be individual 2. If in doubt, kindness always 3. Do one thing everyday that makes you smile I nominate @eddiebrett and @SamWatts82


    Man I was small at one point #5YearOldSelfie I’d tell her ~ no matter where you go there will be people that love you ~ your voice deserves to be heard ~ not everything you’re going to be told growing up is right or healthy and you need to form your own independent opinions


    What would I say to my 5 y/o self? 1. Embrace your differences. Don't be ashamed of them. 2. Believe in yourself. You are good enough. 3. Don't be afraid to ask for help. It's not a sign of weakness. @YoungMindsUK #5yearoldselfie


    This is my #5YearOldSelfie for @YoungMindsUK If I could tell my younger self three things it would be: 1) Don’t let the best be the enemy of the good. 2) Doubting yourself makes you better at empathising with others. 3) Convince yourself you’re good at something and you’ll soon


    - You won't always be or feel so alone - Trust yourself to dream bigger - Listen to grandma, she's even more amazing than you know and she'll teach you the rest #5YearOldSelfie


    1. Remember how loved you are. 2. Don't lose your kind heart, it is rare. 3. Have another cookie. You deserve it. #5YearOldSelfie


    Dear #5YearOldSelfie - Over the coming years many people will tell you you’re ‘too much’. Too big. Too loud. Too opinionated. Too enthusiastic. Too ambitious. Too confident. I want you to know you were never ‘too’ anything. They were too small. @YoungMindsUK

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