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    Can You Recognize Movie Plots When They're Described As Relationship Advice Posts?

    "My (22 F) boyfriend (22 M) dumped me so I decided to become a lawyer."

    Before we start, you're going to need to know about r/relationships. It's a community on Reddit where people (mostly) anonymously share their relationship problems, and people offer advice.

    (The advice is usually "DUMP YOUR TERRIBLE BOYFRIEND" or something along those lines.)

    Got it? Right, so Twitter user @kyleauxren asked their followers to describe the plot of their favorite movie in the style of an r/relationships post, and the responses are kinda like a fun little quiz.

    The plot of your favorite movie written as an r/relationship post

    See if you can determine which movies these are, and I'll provide you an answer key at the end for the ones that stump you!


    @kyleauxren i (30'sO) agreed to rescue a princess (30'sF) in order to get my swamp back from squatters forcibly quartered there by a racist minor royal (40'sM) but now i love her. aita for crashing their wedding??


    @kyleauxren My (40F) partner (33M) and I are estranged, live on opposite sides of the country, and might never see eye to eye on marriage/career, but he surprised me at Xmas by rescuing me from an out of control office party. Is it time to give him another chance?


    @kyleauxren I[16F] am in love with a rich guy[20sM] who lives far away. I’ve gone and stalked him several times. My dad[40sM] found out and has banned me from seeing him. I’m devastated. There’s a creepy lady[50s?F] who says she can help me out if I trade her something. What should I do?


    @kyleauxren I'm (27M) an undercover FBI agent and I'm worried that my hot surfer boyfriend (39M) is robbing banks and also that my hot surfer girlfriend (28F) will find out that I'm an undercover FBI agent. Please advise


    @gilneanruins @kyleauxren my wife (37F) and i (38M) and our two kids (12M) and (16F) are on vacation but our neighbors are acting really weird. they keep standing at the edge of our property and saying nothing and not responding when we ask q's. what should we say/do? does this belong in r/legaladvice?


    @kyleauxren I (46m) work as a lawyer at a theme park. the place hasn’t even opened yet and one of my coworkers (65,000,000f) is barging in on me in the bathroom. AITA for wanting some privacy?


    @kyleauxren my (41m) boyfriend (50m) is possessed by a ring and has abandoned me, betrayed me, and threatened to kill me. should i leave him or carry him up a volcano so he can throw it into a lava pit?


    @kyleauxren My (22 F) boyfriend (22 M) dumped me so I decided to become a lawyer, but now my sorority sister (26 F) is being falsely accused of murder and my professor (50ish M) is actually a sleezebag. What should I do?


    @kyleauxren I (22M) was trying to get with this girl I saved (22F) but this scoundrel (32M) is edging in. I appreciate his friendship and that of his noble, hairy buddy (203W), but I need to do something heroic to impress her. ATAT?


    @kyleauxren I (42M) am heir to multimillion dollar bookstore chain. I have fallen in love with a woman (37F) I met online. I want to pursue a relationship but it turns out my family’s company put her small shop out of business. AITA?


    @kyleauxren I (25 M) run a motel and am starting to fall in love with a guest (30 F) who just robbed a bank but my Mother (25/60 M/F) disapproves.


    @kyleauxren My (42M) girlfriend (29F) erased me out of her memory. AITA if I do the same to her?


    @kyleauxren I (20sM) have fallen in love with the woman whom I serve (20sF), but I left to find my fortune so we could live a prosperous life together. Now, she thinks I'm dead and decides to marry some jerk (30sM). I want to come back for her and show off my new skills. What should I do?


    @kyleauxren I’m a prospector (40s, M), and my son and my partner (10, M) is actually the son of a former employee who died in a welling accident, but he’s crucial to the success of my burgeoning oil empire


    @kyleauxren I (17m) am trying to get my parents (17m, 17f) back together but my mom has the hots for me. TIME SENSITIVE!


    @kyleauxren My (16F) new friends (16F, 16M) pressured me to spy on their enemy (16F) and sabotage her life, but after I took over her friend group, they turned on me. AITA?


    @kyleauxren I (11F) just moved to a boring house with my boring parents (36F, 40M), and I’m bored except that I found a little door where I have new, less boring parents (???F, ???M) who are really great but maybe want my eyes?? What do I do?

    Need some answers? Here they are!

    1. Shrek

    2. Die Hard

    3. The Little Mermaid

    4. Point Break

    5. Us

    6. Jurassic Park

    7. Lord of the Rings

    8. Legally Blonde

    9. Star Wars

    10. You've Got Mail

    11. Psycho

    12. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

    13. The Princess Bride

    14. There Will Be Blood

    15. Back to the Future

    16. Mean Girls

    17. Coraline

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