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    19 April Ludgate One-Liners From "Parks And Rec" That'll Always Be Funny, No Matter What

    "If you spend more than $5 on wine, you are very stupid."

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their favorite moment from the ladies of Parks and Rec, and it turned out a lot of them were about Queen April Ludgate! Here are the amazing results.

    1. When she declared she loved animals more than people.

    2. When she described what she loved most about life.

    3. When she gave Ben the house rules before he moved in with her and Andy.

    4. When she accidentally booked 94 meetings for Ron in one day.

    5. When she gave advice the only way she knew how.

    6. When she revealed her strong opinions about wine.

    7. When she didn't have patience for anyone at the prom.

    8. When she was fascinated by Andy's Halloween decorations.

    9. When she got drunk off of Snake Juice and turned into her iconic alter-ego, Janet Snakehole.

    10. When she couldn't help but brag about being married to Andy on Galentine's Day.

    11. When she showed up to Leslie's '90s themed birthday party as a pilgrim.

    12. When she had a good reason to be overly competitive with her co-workers.

    13. When she went into labor on Halloween and dressed up for the occasion.

    14. When she wanted to avoid socializing at all costs.

    15. When her witchy dreams came true.

    16. When she misunderstood Leslie's instructions to treat people kindly.

    17. When she was the most supportive wife to Andy.

    18. When she scammed her way through a Pawnee beauty pageant.

    19. And when she was the ultimate team player at work.

    Note: Not all submissions are from Community users