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    Here Are 15 Celebrities You Probably Didn’t Know Are Also YouTubers

    BRB, watching all of Zac Efron's YouTube videos.

    By now, you're probably aware that YouTube can turn people into huge stars!

    YouTube: Justin Bieber / Via

    Here's Justin Bieber before he was famous back in '08!

    However, you may not know that some "traditional" celebrities are now becoming YouTube stars in their own right!

    NBC / Via

    Here are some celebs you can check out during your next YouTube binge session:

    1. Josh Peck

    YouTube: Josh Peck / Via

    How you know him: Josh made you laugh on The Amanda Show and Drake & Josh!

    What he uploads: Josh is primarily a vlogger — he's even a member of David Dobrik's Vlog Squad — but he also posts reaction videos and shows off his ADORABLE son from time to time! Also, he's been known to post videos with some old faves like Drake Bell and Miranda Cosgrove.

    2. Zac Efron

    YouTube: Zac Efron / Via

    How you know him: Zac stole your heart back in '06 when High School Musical was released and has since appeared in movies like The Greatest Showman and Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile!

    What he uploads: Zac posts travel videos in a series called "Off the Grid." He also has an interview show called "Gym Time" where he works out with celebrities like Nina Dobrev and Alexandra Daddario.

    3. Snooki

    YouTube: Nicole Polizzi / Via

    How you know her: Snooki is one of the OG cast members of Jersey Shore!

    What she uploads: Snooki does a little bit of everything on her channel! From taste tests to YouTube challenges to adorable vlogs with her kiddos, she really shares a lot of her post-Shore life!

    4. Will Smith

    YouTube: Will Smith / Via

    How you know him: Will Smith is literally one of the biggest movie stars of all time!

    What he uploads: Will shows us what it's like to live the life of luxury! He posts a lot of videos with his family and has been known to do TERRIFYING things like bungee jumping. Also, he once made a video with Sophia the Robot.

    5. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

    YouTube: The Rock / Via

    How you know him: he Rock is a wrestler-turned-actor who stars in the Fast and the Furious franchise!

    What he uploads: He posts a lot of content from the movies and TV shows he's working on. Also, he has a TON of workout videos!

    6. Noah Schnapp

    YouTube: Noah Schnapp / Via

    How you know him: Noah plays Will Byers on Stranger Things!

    What he uploads: Noah is still pretty new to the YouTube scene, but he's posted a lot of fun content with some of YouTube's biggest stars, like Lilly Singh and the Dolan Twins!

    7. Angela Kinsey

    YouTube: Baking With Josh & Ange / Via

    How you know her: Angela played Angela on The Office for nine seasons!

    What she uploads: Angela and her husband Josh upload really cute baking videos!

    8. Madelaine Petsch

    YouTube: Madelaine Petsch / Via

    How you know her: Madelaine plays the incomparable Cheryl Blossom on Riverdale!

    What she uploads: Madelaine has immersed herself in all kinds of YouTube content, from ASMR to cooking videos. And don't worry — there's plenty of Riverdale content too!

    9. Shay Mitchell

    YouTube: Shay Mitchell / Via

    How you know her: Shay starred as Emily Fields on Pretty Little Liars and recently appeared in the series You.

    What she uploads: Shay's been posting on YouTube since 2014! She posts everything from lookbooks to makeup reviews. Most recently, she's been uploading videos about her pregnancy!

    10. Christy Carlson Romano

    Youtube: Christy Carlson Romano / Via

    How you know her: Christy starred as Ren Stevens on Even Stevens and voiced Kim Possible!

    What she uploads: Christy only recently began posting on her channel. She has a series called "Christy's Kitchen Throwback" where she cooks with some of our favorite throwback stars like Jake Thomas from Lizzie McGuire and Mara Wilson from Matilda.

    11. Tia Mowry

    YouTube: Tia Mowry's Quick Fix / Via

    How you know her: Tia starred in Sister, Sister and the Disney Channel Original Movie series Twitches!

    What she uploads: Tia primarily posts lifestyle content! She uploads tons of really delicious-looking recipes and also frequently talks about motherhood. Also, she once recreated her Sister, Sister and Twitches hairstyles!

    12. Shawn Johnson East

    YouTube: The East Family / Via

    How you know her: Shawn competed in the 2008 summer Olympics in Beijing and won one gold medal and three silver medals!

    What she uploads: Shawn and her NFL-playing husband Andrew post vlogs and challenge videos from their everyday life! Most recently, they've been documenting Shawn's pregnancy journey.

    13. Karlie Kloss

    YouTube: Klossy / Via

    How you know her: Karlie is a model, entrepreneur, and one of the new hosts of Project Runway!

    What she uploads: Karlie posts a lot of beauty and lifestyle videos! She's shown us her Met Gala makeup and explored Paris with YouTube star Emma Chamberlain!

    14. Jack Black

    YouTube: JablinskiGames / Via

    How you know him: Jack Black has starred in movies like School of Rock and Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle!

    What he uploads: Jack's a gamer and a vlogger! He recently uploaded a video with one of YouTube's biggest stars, PewdiePie.

    15. And finally, Gordon Ramsay

    YouTube: Gordon Ramsay / Via

    How you know him: Gordon Ramsay is a big-time chef and can also be seen on shows like Hell's Kitchen and MasterChef!

    What he uploads: Chef Ramsay's channel is full of compilation videos from his various TV shows, as well as delicious recipe videos. Also, he recently taught "Panini" singer Lil Nas X how to make a panini!

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