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    Stormi Singing "Happy Birthday" To Kylie Jenner Is The Cutest Thing I've Seen All Week

    Her tiny singing voice. 😍

    You know Kylie Jenner and you know her daughter, the icon, Stormi Webster.

    Over the weekend, Kylie celebrated her 22nd birthday and was showered with love by her famous family and friends.

    But THIS isn't about that or them. No, no. This is about the soon-to-be legend that is 1-year-old Stormi, who also wished her business mogul mama a happy b-day.

    On Saturday, Kylie shared a superadorable video of the two and, let me just warn you now, it'll make your heart melt.

    Like, OMG, how precious?! Hearing her tiny baby voice singing along with Kylie β€” and barely being able to pronounce "birthday" β€” has me overwhelmed.

    E! / Via

    I remember when she was just born and now she's singing in videos, and it's too much. They grow up so fast.

    E! / Via

    Anyway, if you need me, I'll be here watching this video of Stormi being adorable. Thanks for the baby fever, Kylie. 🀧