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    30 Fun School Supplies That Will Get An A+ In Style

    These things will make you cool for school!

    1. A pack of clear plant stickers to bring a little life to your agenda.

    2. An iridescent binder to make your otherwise boring notes really shine.

    3. A set of cactus pens everyone will think look pretty sharp when you start taking notes.

    4. Divider sticky notes that let you write detailed annotations, even in a library book. Prepare to be asked "where did you get that?" a million times.

    5. A pack of planet sticky notes for all your out-of-this-world ideas.

    6. A furry Totoro pencil cup to keep you company on those long nights studying — or just those long nights binge-watching Netflix at your desk.

    7. A pink wire organizer that looks a lot like the geometric doodles you've been doing in your notebook.

    8. A happy pastel accordion to finally give all your loose papers or pizzeria menus a home.

    9. Or a Ban.do file folder disguised as a notebook that opens up into a beautiful rainbow filled with all your school stuff!

    10. A desk organizer so you can keep all your textbooks on proper display.

    11. A VERY COOL brass bookmark that'll give you even more cred than a crumpled receipt from Walgreens.

    12. A set of gel pens with little critters and veggies everyone will fauna over.

    13. Fruit pom-pom paperclips for students who want to keep the summer vibes going well into October.

    14. A pack of Zebra pastel highlighters that looks at traditional highlighters and goes "can you chill out a bit?"

    15. A menagerie of animal erasers happy to erase your errors, or just sit and look cute on your desk.

    16. Or a mini eraser making kit in case you're picky about your eraser shapes.

    17. Sleek looking pens with extra fine points for tiny note-taking, bullet journaling, and looking like the coolest note-taker in town.

    18. A purrfectly adorable cat planner that's pretty much thought of everything you need for a successful school year.

    19. A French-made desk planner to help you stay on task and looking like the coolest, most organized student at school.

    20. A pack of pink pencils sporting some Mean Girls quotes. Everyone will wanna sit at your table when they see these!

    21. A pack of woodland creature memo tabs with room on their lil' tums for notes and reminders.

    22. Watercolor animal puffy stickers or wooden push pins that'll make organizing feel like zoo-keeping.

    23. A heavenly notepad for all you studious cherubs out there.

    24. A pack of panda highlighters that'll make studying bear-y adorable.

    25. A giant eraser that'll make all your math mistakes go poof and disappear — as long as you use it before turning it in to the teacher.

    26. Lil' sprout bookmarks to help with your growing reading list.

    27. A laptop sleeve with pockets for your phone, pens, notepad, and other supplies.

    28. An autumnal mechanical pencil to get you into the back-to-school spirit.

    29. A canvas storage pouch with plenty of room for all your pens, erasers, and other cool supplies.

    30. And a floating peach pen so mesmerizing, you may have to keep it at home, lest it distract you the entire class.

    I award you a glittery, beautiful A+++ this school year.

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