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    People Are Tweeting About The Best And Worst Parts Of That First Week Of College, And Here Are The 21 Best Jokes

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    Ah, yes, it's that time of year again, when the weather changes, the leaves turn brown, and — just as importantly — millions of students head back to campus and partake in academia's most time-honored tradition: Syllabus Week.

    1. For anyone unfamiliar with the term, "Syllabus Week" is that magical first week back in college (or wherever you're going to school) that's fully dedicated to going over the syllabus and marinating in that back-to-school energy.

    one of my favorite back to school activities is buying a really cool planner for the year and then literally never touching it again after syllabus week

    2. Think of it as the official pregame for the rest of the semester...

    enjoy syllabus week because once the assignments start we gonna

    3. ...or an idyllic window of time that's 50% the fun part of summer, 50% the fun part of school.

    My homegirl just dumped her boyfriend w a week before class starts..... please keep the squad in your thoughts & prayers as we switch to turbo mode and attempt to squeeze an entire Hot Girl Summer into 7 days + a syllabus week.

    4. Not everyone rises to the challenge...

    syllabus week has been rough for some people I guess....

    5. ...and it's easy to make a few rookie mistakes along the way.

    Me: on the first week of school *laughing at the college freshman trying their hardest on syllabus week

    6. But it is a good time for self-reflection...

    Me deciding whether or not it’s too early to start skipping class on syllabus week

    7. ...putting your best foot forward...

    When it’s syllabus week and the professor makes you say what your hobbies are and you don’t even know what you do for fun

    8. ...being honest about who you are...

    making everything in my life awkward is my fun fact for syllabus week

    9. ...and wondering vaguely the whole time if you're getting your money's worth.

    concept: every interesting fact you share during a syllabus week ice breaker gets you $100 next years tuition

    10. It's a time to set expectations...

    Show up fashionably late to orientation (2-5 minutes) wearing your high school letterman jacket and post up in the back. No binders will be necessary on week one. Aimlessly stuff the syllabus and papers in your bag. This move will naturally establish dominance among your class

    11. ...and to adjust them.

    My 8am today taught a lesson on the first day of syllabus week and if that’s how this semester is gonna go I quit.

    12. And sometimes, Syllabus Week is everything you've dreamed of and more.

    First day, first class: “I do not have a syllabus. I did not think I was teaching this class. I’ll figure it out tomorrow, see you next week”

    13. Other times...not so much.

    When the teacher actually starts teaching during syllabus week and you don’t even have your backpack yet:

    14. Clearly, not everyone gets the memo...

    Don’t these instructors know they first week is syllabus week? I have an assignment due.....

    15. Sometimes, it's a downright smack in the face by reality...

    when it’s syllabus week and your professor already assigning book work

    16. ...and a sign of things to come.

    How tf is the prof of my first class gonna basically call us all dumbasses during syllabus week like damn at least lemme get my books first

    17. But like all good things, Syllabus Week does eventually come to an end.

    After syllabus week

    18. It's sad, but true.

    Me walking into class next week thinking that we're still gonna be going over the syllabus

    19. After all, nothing good can last forever...

    When you see “Test #1” on the syllabus listed during week 2 of the school year

    20. And soon, you'll look back on this magical time and barely be able to remember what it was like.

    Professors on syllabus week vs professors the week before finals

    21. That is...if you're lucky.

    Me when my law professors said there’s no syllabus week

    In any case...Happy Syllabus Week, people! Don't work too hard out there, ya hear?