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    21 Things From The '00s That Made Me Realise I Was Gay

    And life was forever gay from then.

    1. Andrew Van de Kamp's gay storyline on Desperate Housewives.

    2. Will Smith's naked shower in I, Robot.

    3. The gay kiss in Christina Aguilera's "Beautiful" music video.

    4. Bratz dolls.

    It's no secret in my family that I used to love playing with dolls as a kid. It was a cause of shame for many years, but in my wise old age I've become rather proud of it! We had Barbies, of course, but life became ~so much~ better when Bratz came along. They were edgy, stylish, and they had these crazy feline eyes, which I loved. My sister and I played with them for hours, gave them storylines, and styled their hair and clothes. It was super camp and I LOVED it.

    5. Britney... just Britney.

    6. Playing It Straight.

    7. Moulin Rouge!

    8. Hama Beads and other crafts.

    9. Pete Burns on Celebrity Big Brother UK.

    10. Stacie Orrico's self-titled album, Stacie Orrico.

    11. Mulan and other Disney princesses.

    12. The Dresden Dolls.

    13. Sugar Rush.

    14. The "emo" style craze.

    15. ~That~ Pepsi commercial.

    Here it is in full (you're welcome):

    View this video on YouTube

    16. Beanie Babies.

    17. Will & Grace.

    18. Pop art.

    19. Tony Stonem in Skins.


    Skins was an obsession for many teens in the late noughties – it was funny, wild, and sexy AF! No character appealed more to me than the de facto leader of the season one to two friendship group, Tony Stonem, played by breakout Hollywood star Nicholas Hoult.

    Not only was he handsome and smart, he liked to push boundaries, including those surrounding his sexual identity. The above scene was typical of his impulsive personality, and it totally opened my eyes to the possibility that sexuality could be fluid and spontaneous. I think many gay men enjoyed this one.

    20. Attitude/Gay Times Naked Issues.

    21. And finally, John Paul and Craig's story on Hollyoaks.

    Gays of the millennial persuasion, have I missed anything out? Let us know your formative pop culture moments in the comments below!