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    People Are Sharing The Adult Versions Of Finding Out Santa Isn't Real And They're A Lot Worse

    Just do yourself a favor and never grow up.

    Part of the fun of being Jewish is never having the heartbreak of finding out Santa Claus isn't real! Your parents pretty much tell you he's fake immediately, and if you're nice you won't go break the news to all your Christian friends.

    But a Reddit thread started by NewieYui has brought to my attention that once you become an adult, there are tons of realizations that are just as painful (if not more) as figuring out good old St. Nick doesn't exist.

    Here are some of the most accurate adult equivalents to finding out Santa isn't real:

    1. "Acne doesn’t go away after teenage years."

    2. "Retirement is not an age. It is a financial state."

    3. "Discovering that good friends you thought would always stick together drift apart over time, sometimes never to be heard from again."

    4. "It takes a while to realize you no longer get three months off in the summer."

    5. "When I was a kid I assumed that all adults and particularly those in positions of power were intelligent, competent, rational, organized, sane, and sensible. Boy was I in for a shock."

    6. "Finding out the cheapest studios in my area run for $1,300 a month and most don’t even include utilities. It was also finding out working doesn’t instantly mean you can survive on your own financially."

    7. "That the funny/interesting stories that celebrity guests tell on late-night shows are actually rehearsed and planned ahead of time."

    8. "Accepting that life isn't fair and that people often get ahead through deceit, corrupt bargains, and backstabbing, often [at the expense of] very good people. Shitty people often win."

    9. "A full-time job isn't 9–5. Commuting sucks, and usually lunch is off the clock too."

    10. "The number of people that are willing to or have cheated on their spouse. It wasn't an issue in my marriage, but since I've become single, my eyes have been opened."

    11. "How quickly time flies when you are an adult."

    12. "Price of cheese."

    13. "That school traffic doesn't stop, even though you haven't been there in years."

    14. "Finding out how much health insurance costs."

    15. "Buying things because they’re on sale doesn’t actually save money."

    16. "Finding out there isn’t a perfect someone for everyone."

    17. "When practically any amount of alcohol will land you with a hangover in the morning."

    Some submissions have been edited for clarity and grammar.