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    The Rock Just Got Married — Here Are A Bunch Of Fun And Interesting Facts About His New Wife

    She is the daughter of drummer Sib Hashian from the band Boston.

    In case you hadn't heard the happy news: Dwayne Johnson (popularly known as "The Rock") married his longtime partner Lauren Hashian over the weekend in a ~secret~ ceremony!

    And here are a bunch of fun and interesting facts about Lauren Hashian just in case you didn't know:

    1. Hashian is a singer.

    2. And she released a single with Naz Tokio in 2018 called "Samson."

    3. She's also the daughter of drummer Sib Hashian, from the popular '70s rock band Boston.

    4. And her mom Suzanne once worked as a bunny at the Dallas Playboy Club.

    5. Hashian is also literally from the Boston area, too.

    6. And her alma mater is Emerson College.

    7. She and her Emerson friends actually turned their dorm rooms into mini recording studios.

    8. Aside from being a performer, she's also a successful songwriter.

    9. Before going out on her own, Hashian spent several years at Warner Music Group and in Paramount Film's music department.

    10. She has two siblings: sister Aja and brother Adam.

    11. Hashian met Johnson in 2006...

    12. ...although they didn't start dating until 2007.

    13. She has two daughters with The Rock.

    14. The day before her and Johnson's wedding, Hashian posted this Instagram photo in honor of what would’ve been her father's 70th birthday.

    15. Even before she was married to Johnson, he often referred to Hashian as his "wife."

    16. And finally, Hashian's stunning wedding dress was made by Mira Zwillinger...and you can get it too!

    Congrats to the happy new couple!