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10 Grocery Stores That Made Me Say "That's Genius," And 10 That Just Made Me Sigh

Double-sided receipts = genius.

1. This Swedish grocery store has a map of the store attached to the cart handle.

u/caspii2 / Via

2. Good luck finding anything on your list in this store, though!

u/ranijmartin / Via

3. This eco-friendly grocery store grows organic vegetables ON THE ROOF!

u/DefaultAnthony / Via

4. This store, on the other hand, isn't doing the environment ANY favors.

u/Examoff / Via

5. This grocery store prints double-sided receipts to reduce waste.

u/KnesR / Via

6. Meanwhile at another grocery store, THIS was the receipt for just two (2!) donuts.

u/ZombieLibrarian / Via

7. This grocery store sells discounted, overripe bananas in bags printed with recipes for how to use them.

u/WholesomeSwissCheese / Via

8. This store, on the other hand, sells neon green bananas that won't be ripe for at least a week.

u/3lectricboy / Via

9. Whereas this store has sensory-friendly shopping once a week...

u/florange-juice / Via

10. ...this store's tile floor turns every shopping cart into a rattling noise machine.

u/JiggedyJam / Via

11. This store offers "confectionery-free" checkouts for parents with young children.

u/TheEvilton / Via

12. Meanwhile, this express lane sign is practically begging people to take advantage of its vagueness.

u/Bottomsup99 / Via

13. This store puts cold and frozen items in blue bags so you know which groceries to put away first once you're home.

u/cakefraustin / Via

14. Speaking of frozen things, this store makes it impossible to see what's actually in the freezer.

u/Pork_Chops_McGee / Via

15. In Italy, this sanitation-minded supermarket bathroom lets customers turn on the water with their knees.

u/4t0m77 / Via

16. Meanwhile, the dirty-looking design of this supermarket bathroom is straight-up repulsive.

u/jeffy983 / Via

17. This shopping cart has a drink holder, a phone slot, AND an aisle guide for popular items.

u/kevo0088 / Via

18. The design of this store, on the other hand, is anything but pleasant.

u/iGniSsak / Via

19. This store has a free fruit stand for young shoppers.

u/_ShaveTheWhales_ / Via

20. The best deal you'll score at this store, however, is a single penny off the regular price. WOMP.

u/visionarygirl / Via