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10 Grocery Stores That Made Me Say "That's Genius," And 10 That Just Made Me Sigh

Double-sided receipts = genius.

1. This Swedish grocery store has a map of the store attached to the cart handle.

2. Good luck finding anything on your list in this store, though!

3. This eco-friendly grocery store grows organic vegetables ON THE ROOF!

4. This store, on the other hand, isn't doing the environment ANY favors.

5. This grocery store prints double-sided receipts to reduce waste.

6. Meanwhile at another grocery store, THIS was the receipt for just two (2!) donuts.

7. This grocery store sells discounted, overripe bananas in bags printed with recipes for how to use them.

8. This store, on the other hand, sells neon green bananas that won't be ripe for at least a week.

9. Whereas this store has sensory-friendly shopping once a week...

10. ...this store's tile floor turns every shopping cart into a rattling noise machine.

11. This store offers "confectionery-free" checkouts for parents with young children.

12. Meanwhile, this express lane sign is practically begging people to take advantage of its vagueness.

13. This store puts cold and frozen items in blue bags so you know which groceries to put away first once you're home.

14. Speaking of frozen things, this store makes it impossible to see what's actually in the freezer.

15. In Italy, this sanitation-minded supermarket bathroom lets customers turn on the water with their knees.

16. Meanwhile, the dirty-looking design of this supermarket bathroom is straight-up repulsive.

17. This shopping cart has a drink holder, a phone slot, AND an aisle guide for popular items.

18. The design of this store, on the other hand, is anything but pleasant.

19. This store has a free fruit stand for young shoppers.

20. The best deal you'll score at this store, however, is a single penny off the regular price. WOMP.