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    33 Incredibly Cool Gadgets You Probably Haven't Seen Before

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    1. An attachable light that'll have your selfies lookin' so fine your friends are gonna say, "Are you ~kitten~ me?!" every time you post another perfect profile pic.

    2. A 3D effect essential oil diffusing LED light that's waterless and changes into seven different colors. This stellar little diffusing light is sure to smell like (brilliant gift giving) success.

    3. A strawberry slicer that'll cut perfect strawberry slices in one step and make prepping your favorite fruit ~berry~ easy.

    4. A mini beauty fridge – it's gonna keep your lotions and potions so comfortably cool you're gonna throw a ~cow~ when you go on vacation and can't enjoy the luxury of this little item.

    5. A brilliant AeroGarden with a look so sleek, it'll definitely give your counter some serious ~herb~ appeal.

    6. A *permanent* hair removal light that's designed to get rid of your body hair for good in a ~flash~.

    7. A minimalist white noise sound pebble to give your room a peaceful vibe with rich natural sounds and a smooth aesthetic that's anything but distracting.

    8. A toilet target light with a motion sensor and clear projection that'll make potty training a bright spot in your child's life.

    9. A floating globe for when your home decor needs a little lift.

    10. A collapsible water bottle you can roll up and stow away when you're focused on staying hydrated but also focused on carrying a reasonably sized bag.

    11. An at-home cotton candy machine you can add any of your favorite hard candies to so you and your kids can make customized lemonade stand treats that'll blow your neighbors away.

    12. A flameless plasma arc lighter with an extended handle that's sure to make lighting candles, grills, and fireplaces far easier. This really is the perfect ~match~ for anyone who always needs a little light.

    13. A sleek LED alarm clock that, bless it's heart, gives and gives. It has BlueTooth speakers, a USB port, a light dimmer, and it'll even charge your phone wirelessly on its grippy charging deck.

    14. An AirPod dust guard so you can finally keep your AirPods clean enough to actually want them in your ears.

    15. A Wallet Ninja to open boxes, peel fruit, screw in basically anything, and get the job done without a toolbox in sight.

    16. A pair of color-changing LED faucet lights are gonna light up your life every time you turn on your water.

    17. A battery organizer so you can dump out that junk drawer and organize your batteries to your tender A-type heart's content.

    18. A pair of bluetooth glasses — they may not be the most practical gadget under the sun, but they are sure gonna look stellar under the moon.

    19. A salt shooter so you can hunt the world's real most dangerous game, the housefly. That...or use it to season your food in the most exciting way possible.

    20. A gentle gel and light teeth whitening system for anyone who wants shiny, white teeth without the sensitivity. Sounds like a ~bright~ idea to me!

    21. A gentle critter catcher to use if you prefer to catch and release helpful arachnids and other (kinda cute) creepy crawlies.

    22. A Thaw Claw so you can thaw your frozen foods in far less time and save the day when you don't remember to unthaw your chicken until after your hungry stomach starts rumbling.

    23. A clip-on bag light, so you won't have to waste away the day searching through the black pit that is your bag.

    24. A bathtub disco light — it can make your relaxing bath time even more bright, or better yet, convince your kids to finally get in the tub.

    25. A pair of herb scissors that'll ~cut~ your meal prep time in half.

    26. A grip strip so useful you're gonna want to stick with it forever.

    27. A meditation tracker — it just might be the thing you need if you've struggled with staying focused when you try and meditate.

    28. A portable mini-humidifier that'll attach to your water bottle to help give your sinuses relief wherever you are.

    29. A fingerprint padlock so you can forget password digits, ditch the tiny keys, and simply open a lock with your fingertip. Now that's the key to my heart.

    30. A touch-up painter sure to save you time and money when you need to quickly paint over the place your kids made a masterpiece on the wall.

    31. A USB cord bracelet great for vacations or for anyone who seems to need a charge at a moment's notice.

    32. An eye massager that plays music, blows gentle air, heats up, and helps your tired eyes relax after a day of staring at screens.

    33. And finally, a runaway alarm clock that'll play music and run around the bedroom until you wake up and grab it — this thing will have you up and ~on a roll~ in no time!

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