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    29 Gadgets And Recipes Everyone Who Loves To Cook Needs ASAP

    Just in case you needed any more motivation to whip up a cheesy garlic meatball ring or tiramisu mille-crepes.

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    1. A microwave ramen cooker to evenly boil noodles while you prep the rest of the recipe for these masterpieces they call ramen noodle bites.

    2. A rolling garlic chopper that'll keep the flame alive with your vampire bae until you serve up this cheesy garlic bread meatball ring. Enjoy eating garlic bread solo in the daylight!

    3. A ravioli press to help you make some homemade ricotta ravioli for the books.

    4. A rice cooker to whip up an incredibly fluffy cinnamon pancake that'll make your 'gram followers salivate. (And rightfully so.)

    5. A rapid egg cooker — it'll mind your eggs to hard boiled perfection for these cobb salad deviled eggs you should most definitely bring to the next dinner party on your calendar.

    6. An Instant Pot to handle this dupe for Disneyland's beef stew bread bowl in an effort to bring some Disney magic home without paying big bucks for the travel.

    7. A cast-iron skillet — it isn't technically a gadget, but you can use it to slay all sorts of scrumptious things like this one-skillet chicken pot pie.

    8. A simple egg separator for making quick(er) work of these gorgeous tiramisu mille-crepes you just may get requests to make over and over again.

    9. A 7-in-1 slicer to speed up prep work so you're this much closer to these glorious garlic parmesan potato stackers.

    10. A shrimp cleaner for making this one-pot garlic tomato shrimp pasta even easier.

    11. A trio of flexible silicone spatulas so no drip from this chocolate fudge ice cream cake recipe will go to waste.

    12. A batter mixer/dispenser to help you claim your throne as master of breakfast with some adorable strawberry banana pancake skewers.

    13. A ~legit~ pizza cutter to make whipping up your own pizza creations (like these chicken alfredo dippers) seem waaay more appetizing than any takeout.

    14. An air popper for getting some olive oil sea salt moringa popcorn into your mouth even faster!

    15. A cauliflower prep tool for dismantling the essential ingredient for scrumptious cauliflower tots.

    16. A handheld grater — it won't limit your cheese options to the pre-shredded stuff for Lawrence Page's five-cheese mac and cheese.

    17. A microwave pasta cooker — it'll take care of the noodles in this peanut noodle pasta salad while you worry about the rest.

    18. An herb stripper to help create this magnificent garlic herb crusted roast rack of lamb.

    19. An apple slicer for getting you from whole fruit to this apple slab pie.

    20. A dressing shaker that'll keep the "just in case" extra dressing you made for your shrimp salad with creamy avocado dressing fresh for your empty-the-crisper-drawer salad.

    21. A domed citrus juicer to catch lots o' fresh lemon juice for garlic parmesan-stuffed artichoke masterpieces.

    22. A waffle maker that'll help the dream of a box brownie waffle sundae become your sweet, sweet reality.

    23. A 3-in-1 avocado tool to ~safely~ dismantle the green fruit for a beautiful avocado chickpea salad with chili lime dressing.

    24. A show-stopping food chopper — it might spur you to make even more gram-worthy recipes like like some shrimp and asparagus stir fry.

    25. An electric quesadilla maker to take flipping out of the equation when it comes to cheesy treats like some steak fajita quesadillas.

    26. A cast-iron pizza stone — it will pay for itself over and over again after you've mastered this brick oven-style pizza recipe that'll make you breakup with the pizza delivery guy.

    27. A microwave omelet maker to earn you a few minutes of standing-up-in-the-kitchen sleep while it does its magic on a gorgeous Southwestern omelet.

    28. A pair of claw-like meat shredders that'll have you feeling like Wolverine, except the only reason people are hunting you down is because they want a bite of your BQQ pulled chicken sandwiches.

    29. A set of reusable toaster bags to help elevate your grilled cheese game. Try this tomato jam grilled cheese for starters.