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    22 Useful Cleaning Gadgets That'll Basically Do The Work For You

    Make it easy on yourself.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI β€” prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A brush spinner that'll get every last bit of makeup out of even the dirtiest brushes AND dry 'em β€” all in less than a minute.

    You charge up the wand with a USB, put your brush in the wand, and choose one of three different speeds to spin it clean in a pretty little glass bowl. One reviewer suggested picking up a second glass bowl from a dollar store to use for rinsing after you clean β€” seems like a smart idea to me.

    Promising Review: When I use liquid foundation and get them REALLY dirty I have to scrub them down before I wash them but the machine gets them cleaner than I could after. The most important thing is that it DRIES them ASAP. I don't mind washing my brushes (but still, who wants to?), but I don't want damp or even wet brushes that I can't use β€” this solves that problem! The speed variability makes it so all my brushes are perfect! Never blown out. All of my brushes worked in this, even the ones that I thought would not β€” the ones that have diamond shaped or flat shaped handles or ones where the brush head is oddly shaped or asymmetrical. Keeping your brushes clean means having cleaner skin and more sanitary cosmetics. β€”L

    Get it from Amazon for $49.95 or from Hammacher Schlemmer for $49.95.

    2. An ad-owl-able table vacuum that'll quickly suck up the crumbs your favorite breakfast toast left all over the table.

    Why bother scraping up the crumbs with your hands when you could have a cute animal companion do it for you?

    Promising review: I bought this for my husband as a stocking stuffer, it's actually quite cute and powerful! We use it on our coffee table where we eat a lot, works like a charm! β€”JJ Mintz

    Get it from Amazon for $11.99.

    3. A mini robotic mop that'll sweep and gently wet-clean your kitchen or bathroom (or any room with wood or tile floors) at the touch of a button.

    Because you like clean floors, but have better things to do than mop every day. Even though it's made by iRobot, it doesn't charge at a home base like a Roomba β€” it just has a battery pack that you charge on the wall. It's also like, 1/4 of the price of those vacuums.

    Promising review: Instead of the random-seeming "bump and go" action that a Roomba has, the Braava follows a pattern, zigging and zagging across the floor. It covers the entire floor and hugs all the edges consistently in the three rooms I tested it in. When it bumped from kitchen floor to dining room carpet, it detected that and avoided spraying water and trying to mop there. Good job, iRobot. You can even power it up a special way to tell it "never go behind where you start" so if you want to clean just half of a large room, the unit will only clean what is in front of it. Clever.

    I do not know how this would compare to a Swiffer Wetjet, but I know putting in a pad, some water, and hitting a button is a much better use of my time. I enjoy watching TV while robots take care of the housework ;-) β€”Allen C. Huffman

    Get it on Amazon for $147.50.

    4. Or an automatic mop that scrubs the floor while you follow it on a leisurely stroll through your home.


    It comes with two sets of washable pads: scrubby ones for tile, and soft ones for wood floors. You do still have to sweep or vacuum first, but this makes the mopping part a breeze. Oh! And you can pour whatever cleaner you want into the refillable canister, and it'll squirt out the front of the mop when you press the button.

    Promising review:

    Truly, a remarkable appliance for someone who HATES mopping, like me! I opened it tonight, quickly assembled it (which took less than 2 minutes) and away I went! I "mopped" my entire 900 sq. ft. apartment in less than 15 minutes, with very, very minimal effort. Just turn it on, occasionally spray the cleaning solution and go. Seriously, it couldn't be any easier. The white microfiber cloth afterwards was BLACK on the bottom, so I know it worked...and I thought my floors were clean!!! Just spend the $99 and get it, and never handle a drippy mop again. β€”Brian

    Get it on Amazon for $96.19.

    5. A semi-adjustable blinds dusting tool with washable microfiber that'll also squish to clean your car's air vents.

    Sure it's not ~electric~, but since it can dust two blinds at once, it'll cut your blind-dusting time in half. Also, it comes with five changeable, washable microfiber sleeves.

    Promising review: We built in a new community and the construction dust is a constant battle. I've been using the Swiffer Duster on my blinds, but it just didn't seem to do that great of a job. You would not believe the dust and dirt this got off my blinds! It takes a little longer to do the blinds, but they are much cleaner. I also like that I'm not adding to the landfill when I use this product. β€”Amazon Customer

    Get it on Amazon for $9.99.

    6. A handheld scrubber that spins on its own, so all you have to do is give it some soap to work with.,

    Get it from Amazon for $32.91, Bed Bath and Beyond for $39.99, or Target for $39.99. And get two bottles of Tilex on Amazon for $12.99.

    7. A window-cleaning robot that'll help you wipe down your second-story windows (or third- or fourth-story?), as long as it's within reach of a power outlet.,

    It'll also wipe all types of glass: mirrors, shower doors, or whatever you decide it should clean. But don't get your hopes up too high. It's literally wiping your windows with a damp cloth, so if you window's kinda caked with dirt, you may have to pre-rinse it before Winbot will work. Oh, and this one's only for framed windows.

    Promising Reviews:

    Wow, this really does a number on my big second story windows. It works best if your windows are relatively clean already but going over twice is fine, too. I have been keeping my windows clean by using this Winbot twice a month. Be sure to use it out of direct sunlight and when the temperature is above 40 degrees. I am really happy with this product. β€”Sydney L. Roberts

    Works great. I have a number of very high windows that I cannot wash by hand, inside and out. With a step ladder, I can attach the bot to the window, and start it with the remote. As long as the cord is unimpeded, the bot does all the work. I did have one window crack, and have contacted customer service as to the cause of this, as the window was within size limitations. But believe me, it is still well worth the price. Having my windows professionally cleaned costs as much as this robot for one visit!!! β€”sbinwa

    Get it on Amazon for $99.87.

    8. A leaf blower extension kit that lets you keep two feet firmly planted on the ground while you clean out leaf-clogged gutters.

    Just, whoa. Some reviewers note that if the leaves are densely packed in your gutter, this may not work for you.

    Promising review: I'm a 64 year old woman who didn't want to climb up on a ladder anymore to clean the gutters. This is the answer to my problem. It works great! Make sure the leaves are dry in the gutter, preferably on a windy day to keep the leaves blowing away from the house once you've blown them out of the gutter. If it's not a windy day you will blow some of them up on the roof and they will slide back into the gutter. β€”Joey

    Get it on Amazon for $37.52.

    9. Or if climbing the ladder's more your style, a flexible scoop that pulls up even the most goopy, packed-in leaves in one go.

    Promising review: I'll never clean another gutter without it. The gutter guards were removed and there were two to three inches of muck in the bottom. The Gutter Getter made short work of a nasty job. No more ripped gloved hands in the wet debris. β€”Christopher Smith

    Get it on Amazon for $7.90.

    10. Or if your gutters aren't packed with wet leaves, and you like robots, and you at least don't mind the ladder β€” a gutter-cleaning robot.

    Promising review: I have a long run of gutter about 25 feet up, under some 50 foot oaks. I hate climbing the ladder to clean there, so it has been a while. The gutter was packed with acorns, shingle gravel and leaves. This little guy rambled and rattled to the end, cleaning like nobodies business. That, folks, was worth every penny to me. I did find myself amused at watching it work a few times in the long stretches full of freshly fallen leaves. Get a lawn chair, move back 20 feet, get a cool drink and watch it power through the leaves. β€”MustangChef

    Get it from Best Buy for $299.99, or Amazon from various sellers.

    11. A carpet stain-removal brush that you just push back and forth over your carpet stain, let dry, and vacuum up later β€” no blotting or rubbing required.


    A happy medium between a true carpet shampooer and getting on your hands and knees to scrub out a stain.

    Promising review: Great, super great, exceptional. I have a new little poodle who hasn't learned in his 7 years how to act inside a home. We are making great strides in that training. But the carpet has suffered mightily in several areas and nothing has worked until now. If you just give the trigger a couple of quick squeezes and let the brush and your elbow work it into the carpet it's magic. Without the brush or the "carpet cleaning system" I doubt this would have produced any better results than other products. Three Cheers for this product. β€”Wyckette

    Get it from Amazon for $25.40.

    12. A brightly colored little robot that'll scrub down your grill for 10, 20, or 30 minutes.

    You just set it on your grill, close the lid, and its rotating brushes pick up or knock down (most) stuck or charred bits.

    Promising reviews:

    This thing is awesome. I find that if I use it as soon as the grill cools down and before everything gets hard on the grates this will clean it right off. β€”Doug Hughes

    I had my doubts, but after putting on my grill and letting it run for the full cycle, it cleaned it about as well as I could have if I took it into the kitchen and scrubbed it by hand. β€”JB

    Get it on Amazon for $75.95+ (4 colors available).

    13. A mini power scrubber that'll can turn even the grungiest grout white again (or whatever color it was originally)., Natalie Brown / BuzzFeed

    You can also use it to clean around your faucets and scrub out any particularly tenacious hard water stains β€” basically, it can be your elbow grease on lots of tough jobs. I love it most for grout.

    Promising review:

    It does more than you can believe! It cleans hard water stains around faucets, oven crevices, water strainer scum, grout, clogged faucet spigots.

    My son grabbed mine and cleaned something on the car, it's his next birthday present. Get both attachments. β€”Margaret Beusse

    Get it from Amazon for $13.30.

    14. A sleek robot vacuum to pick up dust and debris daily so your allergies don't mess up your life *quite* so much.

    It charges itself at its little dock, vacuums when you tell it to vacuum, returns to the dock when it's done, and avoids falling down stairs in the process. If only it could empty its own dustbin, then you'd be really set!

    Promising review:

    I have found most vacuums around the $200 price aren't very good or are lacking MAJOR features that affect cleaning. While this one is lacking some minor features such as WiFi, status screen, and a few others, none of the features it is missing affect cleaning!! I have seen some generics that lack HEPA filters, brushes, and more for around this same price. ILife has a great vacuum here, full of features, at an AMAZING PRICE. This cleans just as well as the high priced vacuums and the only features it is missing are ones that just make life easier and aren't ones that affect cleaning. β€”Devin Stephens

    Get it from Amazon for $199.99.

    15. A steam cleaner that delivers pressurized, 200-degree steam to kill most gross germs without using *any* chemicals.

    You'll still be sanitizing and ~deep cleaning~, but using nothing but water.

    Promising review:

    This has far exceeded my expectations. I didn't expect a non-commercial steam cleaner to have much power β€” this has great power. It easily runs for 45 minutes. I own a couple of rental properties that can get very dirty, and I used to have to hire a commercial cleaner whenever I changed tenants. Since I purchased this machine, I don't. Its cleaning power has been more than enough to tackle some pretty nasty jobs β€” it does everything I need. Its been a good bargain and I am very pleased with it. β€”R. Young

    Get it on Amazon for $95.99.

    16. An easy-to-install kit that turns most tank toilets into self-cleaning toilets. That's right: You may never have to scrub your toilet again.

    You can get either the chlorine cartridges or the "blue" cleaning cartridges (that have a disinfecting cleaner that's less harsh than chlorine); but because the system stays in the overflow tube, you don't have to worry about damage to any of the plastic or rubber parts of your toilet tank if you do prefer the chlorine.

    Promising review: I've used many different toilet bowl cleaners in my day, all with very little success. Most might tint the water, keep it a bit more clean, and give it a scent. But this is the first one that actually did the job of regular manual bowl scrubbing. Our main problem is scum/mineral buildup around the water line in the bowl. In our heavily used family bathroom, this unit lasted an amazing 3–4 months before it ran out of the cartridge, and the results started to become evident. The whole time it not only kept the water/scent clean, it kept the buildup in the waterline completely gone! I did not have to scrub the toilet once or apply any additional cleaner to it at all. Gone are the days of weekly scrubbing the nasty toilet! This is truly a great product. β€”Chris F

    Get it on Amazon for $14.30+ (available with bleach or with the blue cleaner, at slightly different prices).

    17. A hair catcher that'll fit snugly in your drain so you can say goodbye to those dreaded hair clogs that cause water to pool around your feet while you shower.

    You do have to pull the hair off of the catcher every once in a while, but that's much less traumatizing than pulling up a gunky mess with a drain snake. (Unfortunately it doesn't work for pop-up drains, though.) Read BuzzFeed's review.

    Promising review:

    Can't say enough good things about this product. I have a family of four and would frequently have to snake our shower drain, but it appears I won't be having that problem ever again. I even give my dog baths and this collects the hair. It does not seem to slow down the flow of water down the drain significantly. I'm very impressed having been using around a month. You don't know how much hair you wash down your drain until you use this! β€”Aaron Morlock

    Get it on Amazon for $12.95 (5 colors available).

    18. A no-scoop litter box with an automatic rake and ~crystal litter~ so your feline friend like feels like royalty and all you ever have to do is occasionally change (or rinse) a tray.

    This box works both with disposable trays (on Amazon for $44.95 for three; each tray lasts about a month, depending on how many cats you have) or a reusable tray that you can fill with either crystal litter or other nonclumping litter (also on Amazon for $49.99).

    Promising reviews:

    The crystals work so well, I didn't think they were using the box. I thought they were just going in and out. I had to witness them using it to believe it. No smell at all!! I will be buying another down the road. β€”Gloria Silvers

    With my one cat, the tray lasts at least three weeks. I may not need to do this, but have been manually cleaning out the trap in front about once a week. I also keep a bag of crystal litter handy, and lightly top off the box if it looks a little low. My cat manages to track a fair amount of litter out of the box. Update: After using this item for a couple of months, I am still very happy with it. However, I have recently adopted a second cat. She is about half the size of her 12-pound brother, and took to the Scoop Free box immediately. I will probably be switching out the trays every two weeks now. β€”K

    Get it on Amazon for $159.95.

    19. An ~ultrasonic~ jewelry cleaner that, with a little distilled water and a dab of dish soap, will make everything from your engagement ring to your eyeglasses (and even your dentures!) sparkle.,

    Promising reviews:

    I just used this and I am IN LOVE!! My rings were gross from lotion, sunscreen, hand soap, sweat etc. I don't have time to run to my jeweler to get them professionally cleaned. This does the trick, and same exact results! In 3 minutes. πŸ’• β€”Rebecca Morea

    If you want to use it for dentures, it works. If yours have long-term deposits not responding to cleaning tablets, they WILL come off, but it means doing a daily clean for a couple of weeks. Now my dentures look the best they have looked in years, but it took a couple of weeks. β€”J in NYC

    Get it on Amazon for $39.99.

    20. Or, if you want something basic for your retainer, Invisalign, or dentures, try a simple lidded bath that lets denture tablets clean every nook and cranny.,

    I mean yes, it's more of a box than a gadget, but I wore a retainer for many years and would've loved to have something like this! You just fill it with water, drop a denture cleaning tablet in, and let it do its thing.

    Promising review:

    While searching online and in stores for a denture bath, I've not found what most of us call, a "quality" made product. I believe that I have now found it with this one! (Can we say, "hooray!") Granted, we're not talking about major dollars or to some, a rather insignificant item, but for those us with a denture, it's important that we find something that'll be worry-free. I was pleased to see how well made it was, the plastic is not "flimsy" or thinly made. The basket inside is also rigid and feels, to me at least, to be quality made. I place my denture in the bath, add warm water and place my denture cleaner tablet without any concerns. I believe you'd find the same experience. It's easy to clean and easy to put back. β€”GeauxBucks!

    Get it on Amazon for $9.99+ (5 colors and 2 sizes available).

    21. An electric blower to gently dust and clean your computer, keyboard, game consoles, DSLR camera, and other sensitive electronics β€” no cans of compressed air required.

    Promising review:

    This nifty electric duster is basically one of Metro's powerful vacuum motors enclosed in a small can. It comes with many attachments and outputs a very powerful and consistent stream of air. Unlike expensive air cans which become cold and loose their power after a few minutes of use, the Electric Duster blows hard as long as you need it to.

    The risk of accidentally damaging a component or creating a static discharge when using a vacuum is higher (although I have never had this happen). A vacuum will do a good job at cleaning the PC, but the force of the air stream from the Electric Duster is very powerful and reaches cracks and crevasses to blow out dust in places I didn't even knew existed! Versus compressed air, aside from the massive savings, you also have no problem turning the Electric Duster upside down or at any angle to position it (compressed air cans will blow ice out if you turn them upside down). It's is also much smaller and easier to carry around than my portable vacuum. And it's is environmentally friendly compared to compressed air cans or even vacuums, if you use the ones with bags. β€”GuruGuys

    Get it on Amazon for $69.98.

    22. An automatic pool cleaner that crawls around the bottom and sides of your pool and picks up dirt, bugs, leaves, sand, and pebbles.,

    Some reviewers mention it even helps keep algae down after rains.

    Promising review:

    This thing works great! I wish I had bought this years ago! It still cannot clean the steps or the built-in spa, no big deal. I just brush them down, but I have noticed that neither the steps or the spa get nearly as dirty as they used to. Even though I will brush the walls down every now and then, I DON'T see even a slight cloud of dust moving with the brush like I always did before, because there is so much LESS dirt in the pool (even if it looked clean, there's dirt in there). So now, my pool is being cleaned when I'm not even home for ten hours a day, everyday! Yes, it is expensive, anything to do with a pool always is, but for all the time and sunburn it has saved me from, I'd say its worth every penny. β€”LasVegasTony

    Get it on Amazon for $256.94 (that includes the cleaning head and ~scuff-resistant long-life hoses~).

    The reviews in this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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