21 Cute 'N' Spooky Tattoos For Anyone Who Loves All Things Supernatural

    Ghosts and cauldrons and tarot, OH MY!!!!!!!!

    1. These two chatting ghosts:

    2. This cute Ouija board planchette:

    3. These lil' tarot cards:

    4. These witchy hands cradling a candle:

    5. Or if spoopy aliens are more your thing, how about a flying saucer?

    6. This fun 'n' funky doggo skeleton:

    7. This personalized astrology tattoo that this tattoo artist creates based on your sun, moon, and rising signs:

    8. This little bottle of moon magick:

    9. This match, perfect for igniting your intentions:

    10. Or maybe a candle:

    11. This hand with herbs, perfect for spells and meditations:

    12. This good luck black cat:

    13. This gravestone for your patience, may it rest in peace:

    14. This carefully detailed crow, perched upon an arm:

    15. This lovely depiction of the moon and her phases:

    16. This cool and cartoony black cat and skull combo:

    17. These mystical gemstones and a crescent moon:

    18. This adorable ghost cat bb:

    19. This out-of-this-world alien head:

    20. This bubbling cauldron:

    21. And lastly, this unamused skeleton dude: