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    20 Products That'll Help Upgrade Your Life For Under $25

    A travel makeup kit, a game-changing baking pan, genius reading glasses, and more cool and affordable finds to help you live your best life.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A natural shoe deodorizing spray made with lemongrass, mint, and tea tree essential oils that over 2,000 reviewers swear by for saving even those shoes so stinky, you'd considered banishing them to a deep circle of Hell.


    Promising review: "Even with the great reviews, I was convinced there was no way this would touch the stink in my son's shoes. These shoes...while headed to town as a family we were struck with the stench, so we turned the car around, drove 10 minutes back to the house, chucked them into the yard, and went to buy new shoes (which also stunk after one wear). He lost the new shoes three days in, just in time for my order to arrive. I was forced to try this with the nasty yard shoes. O. M. G. One soak in this stuff and the smell was GONE! I sniffed hard to find that underlying stink that I was sure was there. Gone. He's been wearing the newly revived demon shoes for a week at summer camp, spraying every day before he puts them on, and the smell is still GONE. Completely! It has a strong herbal/eucalyptus-type smell, but that fades and it smells clean anyways." —Broncodriver

    Get it from Amazon for $12.95.

    2. Weird-yet-wonderful prism glasses that shift your sightline 90 degrees, so you can do what you've always dreamed of. Yes, I'm talking about reading a book or watching TV while lying all the way down on your back. We have reached a whole new level of cozy.,

    Promising review: "Who knew that I needed an invention like this? Not me. Sometimes I can get serious neck pain from tilting my head down to read a book in my lap, so I might try shifting positions or holding the book up higher or something like that. But nothing has worked like these glasses — I can now lie flat on my bed or sofa while comfortably reading a book in my lap. Talk about relaxing! And these glasses fit great whether I'm wearing contacts or reading glasses. The only downside is that they do have a tendency to slip off my face if I'm sitting upright trying to look down at something, so I pretty much only use them while lying down." —Lord & Lady Burnett

    Get them from Amazon for $12.95.

    3. A set of collapsible metal straws with comfy silicone tips (read: no more teeth hitting metal) that you can keep in your bag to help you stay eco-friendly on the go.


    They're BPA- and plastic-free!

    Get two straws, a cleaning brush, and a travel pouch from BuzzFeed's Goodful line, exclusively at Macy's for $18.99.

    4. Absolutely OMG-worthy SpongeBob face masks to take your spa night with your BFF to hilarious new heights. They're made with hyaluronic acid and seafaring ingredients like marine protein and red algae to keep your skin feeling soothed and hydrated. Are you feeling it now, Mr. Krabs?


    They're vegan and paraben- and cruelty-free!

    Promising review: "I have SUPER sensitive skin, so you can understand my hesitation when trying new sheet masks. I bought this with all the other SpongeBob products so I decided to give them a try and man, I'm pretty impressed. They did NOT burn my skin at all! Felt very fresh and refreshing on the skin. Glad I gave these a try." —Bernice

    Get two of each style from HipDot for $20.

    5. A moisturizing, cruelty-free hand sanitizer spray that'll send your little purse bottle of Purell into early retirement. This stuff is a mist that dries quickly, so you're not left with the sticky, dry hands that you'd previously accepted as a fact of germophobe life.


    Promising review: "Total game changer. I never thought I’d be obsessed with a hand sanitizer! It smells great and I love that it’s not sticky!" —skincarejunkiefl

    Get it from Urban Outfitters for $12 (available in four scent) or Amazon for $12+ (available in three scents).

    6. A Cerama Bryte cooktop cleaning kit to get one of the trickiest surfaces in your kitchen looking cleaner than ever before. It has everything you need to ensure that those stains on your smooth-top range will be ~cooked~.


    It comes with a bottle of cleaner, a scraper, and a cleaning pad.

    Promising review: "If you have a glass stovetop, do yourself a favor and purchase this. It took me about 10 minutes to clean the stovetop and it looks so much better now. I thought we would never find anything to get it looking like new and get the scratches off!" —Nicole

    Get it from Amazon for $10.99.

    7. A cute cupholder car trash can that might finally get you to stop using your center console as a garbage can and start keeping your car presentable.


    Promising review: "My sister had this in her car and I thought it was so nice to have and so convenient. Gum papers, straws, receipts...I guess you don't realize how many small pieces of trash that need to be thrown away. Definitely encourages a cleaner car and fits perfectly in my cup holder." —Amanda Hickman

    Get it from Amazon for $5.99.

    8. The Pocket Palette, a tiny on-the-go makeup kit that'll help you upgrade your busy-day beauty routine. Your bulky makeup bag may start to feel left out of your adventures now that this little guy has taken its place in your purse, backpack, and gym bag.


    It's got BB cream, creamy pink makeup that can be used on the lips and cheeks, and an itty-bitty mascara wand!

    Promising review: "It was one of those early mornings; I had an early meeting. On my way to work I went to check my mail, and there was my Pocket Palete waiting for me. I literally put it in my pocket, went to work, went straight to the bathroom, quickly used the 1-2-3 step process, and went to my meeting! It was so effortless — it was awesome! The pigment and consistency of the BB cream was great! It feels velvety soft. The consistency of the lip product feels great, not drying, and the product is very pigmented so you can use it for more than one application. The mascara also has great pigment and it definitely elongated my lashes. This is a great product to have handy, be it in your desk or your purse. It truly saves the day!" —P

    Get a three-pack from Amazon for $11.99 (available in four shades).

    9. A cute little essential oil diffuser that clips onto your car's air vents for a dash of aromatherapy on the go. Bonus: it'll also help mask that stale McDonald's french fry smell that never seems to leave your car.

    It includes eight reusable pads to coat with your fave essential oils.

    Promising review: "Awesome product!! This is a great way to have your car stay smelling great!! The pads are nice and thick and hold plenty of oil for a good week or more!!" —Marnie Richardson

    Get it from Amazon for $9.99. Get a set of six essential oils to use with it from Amazon for $9.99.

    10. A chic personalized barrette to add an on-trend but unique touch to every outfit (not to mention turn a bad hair day around in seconds flat).


    Get it from Baublebar for $24 (available with up to five characters in either crystal or pearl letters).

    11. Or a more subtle yet equally Insta-worthy initial hair pin that'll have everyone thinking, "Wow, she's got great accessory game. I'd better letter know."


    Get it from Madenie on Etsy for $8 (available in 26 letters).

    12. An adorable ticket box here to ensure you never have a boring day off or waste time with the age-old "What do you want to do?" convo ever again. Just pull a ticket from either the "home" or "away" side depending on your mood, and get a fun activity idea like "take a cooking class" or "invent your own board game"!

    Urban Outfitters

    It's got 100 different ideas inside!

    Get it from Urban Outfitters for $12.

    13. A reusable grocery bag that not only folds up into a compact pouch, but has a strap long enough to be worn crossbody. Because anything that'll save you from the pain of holding too-short, heavy grocery bag handles with your bare hands is a MAJOR step up.

    BuzzFeed Reviews, Amazon

    It also can hold up to 40 pounds, is made entirely from recycled plastic bottles, and is machine-washable. No wonder it's BuzzFeed Reviews' pick for the best mid-price reusable grocery bag!

    Promising review: "I have a couple of these and use them for groceries, shopping, and traveling. They're multifunctional, extremely durable, able to carry heavy loads, very compact, and easy to open and repack after use. I keep them in my purse and car. They wash nicely and I've had no problems with them deteriorating at all. They've got a comfortable wide shoulder strap. I highly recommend — well worth the $." —S. Maas

    Get it from Amazon for $12.98+ (available in three colors).

    14. Cozy socks with an important environmental message that don't just talk the talk, but walk the walk. They're made from 70% recycled plastic and the brand, Tentree, plants 10 trees for every product sold. Can your current fave socks do that?


    The brand's cool eco-initiatives don't stop there. Remember that viral Insta post on Earth Day that planted tons of trees based on how many likes it got? That was them. Learn more about Tentree's environmental efforts here.

    Promising review: "I love these socks so much that I just ordered a second pair. They're very warm and thick and go perfectly under my rain boots, and also work with leggings or for just lounging around the house. I know I’ll get a ton of use out of them this winter." —Laura H.

    Get them from Tentree for $11.99 (originally $18, available in three designs and two sizes).

    15. And for slightly dressier days, bow-trimmed fishnet socks capable of taking a casual tee, cuffed jeans, and sneakers outfit from meh to fabulous in seconds flat.


    Promising review: "OH MY GOD they're so cute. I randomly saw them while deep-diving on Amazon one day and bought them on a whim. I tried them with a few pairs of shoes and I've concluded I like them best worn with my Doc Martens and Vans. Overall they're really cute, and can pull an outfit together nicely. If you're thinking about getting them, I def would." —Andy

    Get five pairs from Amazon for $15.38.

    16. A whimsical cactus USB humidifier that may be small, but packs enough punch to help stop your desk from feeling dry as a desert.


    Reviewers say it's great for keeping plants hydrated, too!

    Promising review: "My regular-sized humidifier is a huge hassle to clean. I wanted one I could keep in my office but that I wouldn't have to break my back scrubbing every day. This looked perfect. When it arrived, it was even smaller than expected. It's about the size of a pint of ice cream. I gave it a try anyway and I'm so glad I did! Don't let the size fool you — this produces an incredible amount of steam! And it is SO cute! I've only had it a day, and I'll change my review if anything changes, but so far I honestly love it! It's exactly what I needed and I'd recommended it to others. I think this would make a great gift!" —Gloria

    Get it from Amazon for $13.99 (available in two colors).

    17. Winky Lux Glimmer pH Balm in Rosé, a glitzy, cruelty-free, vegan, phthalate- and sulfate-free wonder of a lippie that adjusts to the pH of your skin to turn the perfect, noticeable-yet-natural(ish) shade of pink. Because everything — including the most minimal beauty routines — is better with glitter.

    Winky Lux, Katy Herman/BuzzFeed

    (Psst...if you're in the mood for a slightly more splurge-worthy style upgrade, you can get the earrings I'm wearing in the selfie above here).

    I recently became low-key obsessed with this stuff, as evidenced by my need to post the above selfie to Insta the first day I wore it. I like to apply a base layer of Chapstick first, since this stuff really functions more as a tint than a balm. I think the really amazing thing about it (besides the sorcery that allows it to adjust to your unique skin tone) is how well it suits all different beauty styles. For example, I really don't wear makeup other than the occasional statement lip to suit my outfit. I never — seriously, never — wear natural-looking lip color. This is fun and makes enough of a statement for me to actually want to wear it. On the other hand, even though the bullet is super glittery, the finish on your lips doesn't look too much glitzier than a gloss, so even my typically sparkle-avoiding mom wants to borrow it!

    Get it from Winky Lux for $16.

    18. A compact cordless pencil sharpener with over 1,300 positive reviews to ensure the tools of your creativity are never dull. Your ideas never are, after all.


    IDK about you, but most of the pencil sharpeners I've used in my life have been mediocre at best. So the fact that this guy has so many positive and enthusiastic reviews definitely ~points~ to it being a cut above the rest. Check out more of the best office supplies you can get on Amazon.

    Promising review: "This is a great little pencil sharpener! I really love it! I like how compact it is, and I love that there's no cord so it's easy to move to any room. This sharpener has some kick to it! It sharpens fast and with a perfect point every time. I liked it so much I bought another one! I've only had this for less than a month, but it's had some considerable use already. It sharpens colored pencils like a dream. I sincerely hope this lasts a very long time. —Shopper22

    Get it from Amazon for $16.97. Get the required AA batteries here.

    19. A downright magical Disney AirPod case sure to protect your precious Pods and become your new best (ear)bud.


    It's compatible with AirPods 1 and 2!

    Promising review: "I'm so in love with this AirPods case. Stitch is my absolute fave and it definitely helps me find and locate my AirPods so much faster in my purse! It keeps the AirPod case clean too, and fits perfectly!" —Shanna Usui

    Get it from AtaroDesigns on Etsy for $8.95 (available in seven characters).

    20. A clever non-stick, carbon steel lasagna pan that'll not only let you cook three different kinds of deliciousness at once, but also make every piece an edge piece. Because life is too short to get stuck with a flimsy middle slice.,

    You can also use it for baking bread or layers for a layer cake!

    Promising review: "There's nothing but good coming from this pan! Yummy crunchy edges on every piece! I made three different kinds of lasagna in this pan and all I can say is that there were already plans for the next batch before this one was gone! This pan is heavy duty, has an awesome non-stick coating, and will definitely stand up to much use. The recipe called for spraying the pan with non-stick spray but it was completely unnecessary. I've already suggested this pan to others." —srenee

    Get it from Amazon for $21.30.

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    You, after leveling up your life with these affordable finds:


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