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    A Reminder Of What "The Dark Crystal" Is About Before The New Netflix Show Drops

    Get ready for Netflix's new series The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance.

    More than 30 years after the release of cult classic The Dark Crystal, Netflix is about to drop a prequel called The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance.

    The world of The Dark Crystal is called Thra, a planet that orbits three suns.

    In The Dark Crystal movie, Thra is a shadow of its former self because the crystal at its heart – the Crystal of Truth – has been corrupted and cracked, turned into the Dark Crystal.

    The crystal has been corrupted by the Skeksis, who rule over Thra from the Castle of the Crystal and embody everything that is bad and selfish.

    One of the main Skeksis in both the movie and the series is skekSil, also known as the Chamberlain. He's a manipulative official who wants power for himself.

    The Emperor, skekSo, holds ultimate power over the land in Age of Resistance.

    The General is in charge of the army, and is the Chamberlain's main rival for power.

    The Scientist, skekTek, is the Skeksis who invents the machine that harnesses the power of the crystal in order to drain the essence of Thra's lifeforms.

    Existing in direct opposition to the Skeksis are the Mystics, also known as urRu.

    The native inhabitants of Thra are the Gelflings.

    In the movie, Kira and Jen are, to their knowledge, the only two Gelflings in Thra who have survived the Skeksis.

    Age of Resistance takes place at a time when Gelfling society is still thriving, divided into seven clans.

    Rian is a Gelfling guard in the Castle of the Crystal. He's one of the first to learn what the Skeksis are up to with the crystal.

    Brea is a princess – the youngest of three sisters – with a passion for learning. She gets a vision about the Skeksis and the crystal that puts her on the path to the truth.

    Deet is a Gelfling from the underground Grottan clan who cares for animals and is chosen by the magical Sanctuary Tree to find a way to heal Thra.

    Gelflings aren't the only native inhabitants of Thra – there are also the Podlings, who are a joyful race that have the ability to speak to animals.

    There are no significant Podling characters in the movie, but in Age of Resistance there's Hup, an ambitious Podling who can speak some Gelfling and befriends Deet.

    Then there's Aughra, a main character in both the movie and the show. She's an oracle with a deep connection to Thra.

    Even though you know the ultimate fate of the Gelflings and Skeksis from the movie, Age of Resistance is still incredibly compelling. You learn how things unfolded, and get to see a wonderful group of characters lay the path that Jen and Kira tread in the movie.

    You can catch The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance on Netflix Globally this Friday, August 30.