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    The Final Trailer For "Joker" Dropped And I Am 100% On Board

    *Laughs in Joaquin Phoenix.*

    This week, we were blessed with the final trailer for the highly anticipated Joker.

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    This film is the origin story of how Arthur Fleck becomes The Joker.

    Arthur (Joaquin Phoenix) is a mentally ill failed comedian who is rejected by everyone around him.

    He's rejected by his therapist and beaten up by some Gotham youths...

    ...but his switch from a life of comedy to a life of crime comes due to an event involving Arthur's comedic idol, Franklin Murray (Robert DeNiro).

    Arthur's ONLY solace is his interest in Sophie (Zazie Beetz), but, knowing how the Joker's story pans out, I don't see this situation ending well.

    Like, is The Joker deplorable? Yes. Is this movie making me sympathize for the man a liiiiiiiiiiiiiittle bit? Also yes.

    Everyone on the interwebs is also buzzing about Joker:

    That new trailer for The Joker is so relatable

    This is probably my favorite shot of Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker. 🃏

    I love Joaquin Phoenix’s character arc. #Joker

    Joaquin Phoenix joker laugh.......enough said

    I can’t believe we’re getting an R-rated Joker movie with some of the coolest cinematography I’ve seen all year. My hopes are high for this one!

    Mark my words, this movie is gonna be something special... I can just feel it. Phoenix is one of the greatest actors of our generation, he’s gonna blow us all away. #Joker

    can’t wait to watch joaquin phoenix win an oscar for his performance as joker

    In conclusion, this movie is gonna be EPIC and I'm counting down the days 'til Oct. 4 to catch this in theaters.